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Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Cocoa Puff The Giant Rabbit

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    "When your rabbit has his own booster seat."

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    "Cocoa Puff makes the perfect leg warmer. ?"

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    "Raise your hand if you want to be tackled by a giant rabbit.?"

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    "Most rabbits don’t like being picked up, and Cocoa Puff is no different, so we do not hold him often or for long periods of time. ??"

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    "We bought our first house!! We move two days before Christmas and Cocoa Puff is the only one enjoying the moving process. "

  • 6

    Just a giant bunny at the beach

  • 7

    "We finally caught Cocoa Puff doing a binky! Cocoa Puff doesn’t do binkies as much as smaller rabbits, but he was loving the snow so much he couldn’t contain his excitement."

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  • 8

    Even Cocoa Puffs kisses are giant

  • 9

    "Several times a day I hear “Mom! Come look at Cocoa!” Then they see how close they can get to him without him stopping doing whatever he’s doing. Our lives are very exciting these days."

  • 10

    "I post this with a very heavy heart. There is no easy was to say this...our beloved Cocoa Puff has passed away due to a tumor that was growing around his heart. ?"

    Last week we took Cocoa Puff to see another vet because after being treated for an upper respiratory infection, his sneezing had not improved. The vet was immediately concerned and requested x-rays. To our shock and horror we discovered Cocoa Puff had a very large tumor surrounding his heart and the vet gave him 2-4 weeks to live. At the time we couldn't accept this outcome so we requested a biopsy hoping that surgery would be an option.?

    However, five days after discovering his tumor, Cocoa Puff's conditioned worsened and he left us. ?

    When we brought Cocoa Puff home for our daughter's 2nd birthday, we had no idea we had just won the rabbit lottery. We will forever be indebted to Cocoa for bringing so much happiness into our home and for teaching our kids kindness, love, and compassion. ?

    To honor Cocoa Puff's memory please consider donating $1 in his name to @specialbunnyorg, a rabbit rescue and rehoming center, to help spread awareness of how amazing pet rabbits can be if properly loved and cared for. ?

    We are very thankful for the opportunity we had to share Cocoa Puff with you and hope you will continue his legacy by bringing happiness to others. A special thank you to @hopperholic who helped us with Cocoa Puff until the very end. "

    RIP Cocoa Puff. You are missed. 


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