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Pet of the Month: Chloë, 13-year-old Maltese mix, In Need of Tumor Removal Surgery

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    Chloë didn't start out as Chelsea's dog.


    Chelsea, took in Chloë when her fiance's daughter left for college and moved into a "no-pets" residence and was unable to take Chloë. 

    But... once the oh so charming and cuddly Maltese mix arrived at Chelsea's home, she won everyone's heart. (And it's no wonder why!) 

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    Chloë is a 13-year-old and needs $600 for a tumor removal surgery.


    Chelsea says. "It wasn't long before we realized just how special Chloë is. She has become the central part of our lives while she showed us her amazing qualities. She is the kid I never had." 

    Sadly, Chloë is struggling to get around and needs medical attention immediately.

    As Chelsea explained to Waggle, "Chloë had what was once a small soft bump just under the skin on her belly until a year ago when she hurt it by jumping down off a wall. Later, it grew enormously until it began to look as it does now. Angry, red, grotesque, ulcerated, and so clearly very painful and difficult for her to walk."

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    Luckily, French Valley Vet is ready to remove the tumor, and her outlook is outstanding.


    "Chloë's personality is hard to describe in terms of a dog because she's nearly human, it's very peculiar," Chelsea adds. "She is beyond sweet and patient. She is a hero, a huntress, a lover, a teacher, a comedian, ever playful, empathetic, tender, and there's not enough space to describe the quality of her essence as the best pal ever."

    Chloe is a spunky, loving family member fighting, but needs help from the kindness of strangers. 

    For Donations & More Information: https://wagglefoundation.org/donations/icanhascheezburger-chloe/

    100% of donations to pets on the Waggle crowdfunding platform go directly to the veterinary providers administering the care. This way, Waggle provides the safety and security for all donors and reassures that the pet in need, truly gets the help it needs.

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    Update of Leo!

    Cat - Update on Leo, the 10 week old kitten who fell from a significant height! CHEE RGER "Thank you to everyone who donated to Leo's surgery! He has bounced back tremendously and is a happy, healthy and feisty little kitten. He has found an amazing new home and his new mom just adores him! He is soon going to have his own Instagram page to allow the public to follow his antics. We are so grateful for your support! Poor Leo was at risk of euthanasia at the young age of only 8 weeks old in a rura

    Thanks to the help and donations from our users, Leo has had a successful surgery and is now in his furrever home! 


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