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Best Video Games to Play While Drinking With Friends This Holiday Season

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    Mario Kart

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    Or 'Beerio Kart' as some of us functional degenerates call it. Every player gets a beer. You've gotta finish the beer before you cross the finish line. No drinking while driving, we are professionals here, after all. Pro Tip: Buckle your damn bootstraps and chug that brew right when the race starts. Sucks to have to worry about drinking it before the last lap. Where It Can All Go Wrong: Fail to finish your beer before you cross the finish line on your last lap, and you've gotta shotgun a beer, which can end up shoving you down a sh*thole where the next race is as good as lost. Unless you're a tank when it comes to chugging beers, and you can keep that pace for like…two hours. Second Pro Tip: Opt for light beer, or opt for a crash 'n burn kind of scenario. You're going to be chugging beer like it's last call and you showed up late to the party, so don't be that fool who tries to down an endless series of heavy, hoppy, Winter Ales.
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    Let these dudes break it down for you.

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    Super Smash(ed) Bros.

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    This one is a classic that we've been doing for years. Variations: Really the rules for this one can be whatever the heck you want, something along the lines of drinking when you die and then having a penalty depending on what place you finish in.

    Teams: Feel free to team up and take each other on as pairs. Losing team members each face the same penalty as the last place person would in a free for all. Just to make things interesting

    The Handle of Shame: We used to force the last place person to take their drinks from a handle of the crappiest vodka we could find, just to make stakes a little higher. Mostly because there was always someone there worse so your chances of having to pull from it were slim. Sorry Blake.
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    Call Of Duty: World at War, Nazi Zombies (or as some call it "Nazi Shotzis")

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    This Scottish 'text' breakdown of the game immediately won me over, so see that screen cap for the rules. Seem simple enough here.
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    This is what it looks like in action.

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    Brace yourself for one hell of an expedition here my fellow brave boozehounds. Always love to break this drinking game out when there's a night yet seized before me, plans with friends potentially fell through, or it's just anti-social 'me' time. Mead's a fun drink to incorporate for this game, but by all means opt for whatever best suits your taste.
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    Annd now, the rules:

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    Rocket League

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    Nice and simple here, and if you've ever played the game; it seems like some sort of variation of this drinking game makes the rounds amongst players, all the time. So, the rules. Simple enough: You drink when your opponent scores. You drink when your opponent saves a shot. You finish your drink when: You lose a match. Your opponent pulls off anything remotely close to an epic aerial goal. Cheers, and happy drinking. Here's a video trying to show some of Rocket League w/drinking in all its glory.
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