Entitled Classmate Gets Raw Potatoes for Snack Day

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    Text - O r/MaliciousCompliance - Posted by u/rook218 1 day ago The dozen donuts I've been bringing in every Monday doesn't count as my 'snack day' contribution?? Well I guess I'll have to rectify that! oc M Back in high school (around 2010) I used to work the closing shift at Dunkin Donuts on Sunday nights. Per company policy, I could box up two dozen donuts to bring home with me before throwing the rest out. One dozen went with my dad to work in the morning, one came with me to school - specifi
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    Text - This practice of bringing donuts every Monday sparked an idea in one of my classmates' heads (she's Anne in this story). Since it's so nice to have donuts once a week, we should do a weekly snack day where everyone can bring something in! They decided this would be on Thursday, and I said I'd just continue bringing in donuts every week on Monday as my contribution. Everyone was very OK with this, except for Anne. No, no, no... this snack day was Thursday, and if you aren't going to bring
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    Text - Then I got to thinking about it. I was only required to bring a snack, not something sweet or delicious or even palatable. As long as it was edible then it counted. My next closing shift I grabbed an extra empty dozen box. I went to the store on Wednesday night and got a five pound bag of potatoes. I washed them and put them right in the box, and dropped off the box early in the morning to my Spanish classroom so nobody would get wise to the actual contents. Apparently the earlier classes
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    Text - They all scurried up excitedly and Anne herself was the one to open the box. A blank expression turned to raw frustration. "You were supposed to bring a snack today!" she protested. "I did!" I said, walking up to the box and grabbing a potato, biting into it while making direct eye contact with her. "You don't have to have any if you don't want."
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    Text - Everyone shuffled back to their desks, and Anne tried desperately to grasp a new argument out of thin air but it was not coming. I finished my potato triumphantly and brought the rest home for my mom after school. The box was checked, and she could not try to exclude me from the weekly snack day anymore. Everyone else in class who thought she was a bit over the top thought the antic was hilarious after they got over the initial disappointment.
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    Text - LitMaster11 Score hidden · 23 hours ago · edited 21 hours ago Imagine coming up with an idea based almost entirely upon one of your classmates bringing in free donuts every week, and then deciding that their contributions aren't enough.
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    Text - mnordin 6.7k points · 1 day ago You could also have let the Sunday donuts simmer a few days and bring them in on Thursday. Nice and crunchy.
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    Text - YourMotherSaysHello 511 points · 1 day ago I would have just stopped bringing donuts in, full stop.


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