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Abducted Lemur Reunited With Its Family

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    The San Francisco Chronicle reports that this might have been the result of a break-in and burglary. There was evidence found of forced entry into the animal enclosure in which the lemurs were living, the Lipman Family Lemur Forest habitat. An investigation is underway. Working with the San Francisco Police and asking for help from anyone who has any information, the San Francisco Zoo offered 100$ for every year Maki has lived - 2,100$ in total for his 21 years - for any information that would lead to his discovery. 

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    Dr. Jason Watters, the zoo's executive vice president of animal behavior and wellness, told the San Francisco Chronicle: "We understand that lemurs are adorable animals, but Maki is a highly endangered animal that requires special care. We are asking the public for help in his return." Thankfully, after receiving "an outpouring of concern," the beloved senior lemur had been discovered and returned to the zoo. He was a little "anxious and hungry" but other than that, he's okay, and we are overjoyed to hear about it. 

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    A few days later, the San Francisco Zoo twitter updated about Maki, saying that their Maki is "getting stronger every day and slowly getting reacquainted with his family!" They added that we should all stay tuned for their "Welcome Back, Maki, Day of Celebration!" and honestly, we cannot wait to hear more about the lemur and celebrate Maki's return. 

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