Dating Nightmares: Rude Things Men Have Done On First Dates

  • The guy who left me waiting for 45 mins to avoid paying $5.00 for parking.


    Went on a first date with a guy I met online. I showed up to the date and he made me wait 45 minutes for him to drive around and find a free parking spot because he didn't want to pay $5.00 for the adjacent lot.

  • The guy who perved over the cheerleaders at the football game we went to.


    I went to a football game with a guy for our first date. He would not stop talking about how sexy the cheerleaders were and salivating over their every move.

  • The guy who grabbed my boob and asked for reimbursement for my drinks when I didn't invite him back to mine.


    This a**hole I went on a date with was annoyed that I didn't invite him home after a date so he decided he was entitled to reach down my shirt and grab my boob. Then he insisted I reimburse him for paying for my drinks.

  • The guy who took a 35 minute work call in the middle of the date.


    I met a guy on Bumble at a bar for drinks/appetizers. In the middle of the date, he told me he had to step out for a conference call he had scheduled. I waited for 35 minutes while he took his call.

  • The guy who started flossing at the table mid-date.


    I was having dinner with a guy on a first date and I told him he had something in his teeth (I'd want to know!). He pulled a tiny floss dispenser out of his pocket and began flossing his teeth at the table.

  • The guy who told me explicit details about the oral sex he'd given his date a few nights prior to ours.

    Photo caption - Excuse me, I have to go and vomit.

    My date went told me he went out with another woman several nights prior and went down on her. He then went into details about how her vagina smelled.

  • The guy who asked me by bra size.

    Event - EXCUSE ME? Citytv

    He said, "If you don't mind me asking, what is your cup size?"

  • The guy who kept me waiting for over an hour and a half.


    I was waiting at the bar to meet a guy for the first time. He texted me to say that he would have to push things back an hour. No problem, I bring a book everywhere I go. An hour later and 15 minutes after our SECOND meeting time I texted him to gauge his ETA. He told me he hadn't even left the f*cking office yet.

  • The guy who had a text argument with his ex on our date.

    Hair - Wow, that is so rude.

    A guy I was on a date with kept texting and looking at his phone. Finally, I asked him what was going on. Turns out he was arguing with his ex about taking me to a place they used to go.

  • The guy who went on Tinder during our date.

    Facial expression - Т. КYLE

    Got back from using the bathroom and he was Tindering. Didn't even try to hide it.


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Nikki is currently living in NYC with her husband (who she met on Bumble after experiencing the absurdity of online dating) and working in digital marketing. She clearly enjoys recording the ridiculous debauchery that is the modern dating scene. Nikki is also partial to a tall glass of Prosecco, her black/calico kitties, 90s music and playoff hockey. Drop her a line if you have a good story for her to write about.

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