Sneak Peeks Into Texts Between Celebs: Scarlett Johansson's Post-Wedding Messages

  • Text from Ryan Reynolds (Scarlett’s first ex-husband)

    Text - о0 АT&T LTЕ 10:05 AM 86% < Messages Ryan Reynolds Details Hi Scarlett I heard you just got married again. Exciting! I'm also doing amazing. I have three beautiful daughters, I'm married to Blake Lively and I still have hair so... People around me say I'm getting more handsome by the second so that's also been going on. I hope this is still your number. iMessage
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  • Text from Chris Hemsworth

    Text - о0 АT&T LTЕ 10:32 AM 81% ( Messages Chris Hemsworth Details Lovely wedding, mate. Sorry I had to leave so early. I accidentally spilled a glass of wine all over someone's dress and she was ... well, she felt better after she spilled a glass of wine all over me but needless to say I had to go change. iMessage
  • Text form Gwyneth Paltrow

    Text - о0 АT&T LTЕ 10:48 AM 78% ( Messages Gwyneth Paltrow Details Beautiful wedding, S! I wish you all the success and happiness in your new marriage! You already know love is hard so I just hope you never want to get divorced at the same time. Love you. iMessage
  • Text from Colin Jost’s mom

    Text - 00 АT&T LTЕ 11:18 AM 78% ( Messages Colin's mom Details Hi Scarlett. This is Colin's mom (your mother-in-law). Great wedding. I spent the whole time thinking about talking to Robert Downey Jr. Love him!! Love, Kerry (Colin's mom) iMessage
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  • Text from her own mom

    Text - p00 AT&T LTE 11:43 AM 70% < Messages Mom Details Hi dear. Beautiful wedding! You looked amazing and so so happy. Happier than you looked at your past two weddings... that's gotta be a good sign, right? I talked to your cousin Siena at the wedding and she says that's no guarantee. What does she know? Dumb b*"ch. iMessage
  • Text from Robert Downey Jr.

    Text - о0 АT&T LTЕ 1:12 PM 62% ( Messages Robert Downey Jr. Details Beautiful wedding! You looked gorgeous.... Jost is a lucky man. Hey listen... is Jost's mom alright? She kept coming up to me and then walking away. Never said a word. Strange broad. iMessage
  • Text from Mark Ruffalo

    Text - о0 АT&T LTЕ 1:24 PM 60% ( Messages Mark Ruffalo Details Нey! I woke up this morning still thinking about your awesome wedding And wondering why I wasn't invited iMessage


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