Sneak Peeks Into Texts Between Celebs: Royal Fam Begs Prince Harry To Return To UK

  • Text from Prince Charles

    Text - оO АT&T 4G 10:23 PM 90% Messages Dad Details Hi, son. I told the staff to prepare Frogmore Cottage for your return. Please text me back to let me know if you are thinking of coming. And when. And please stop saying that you're not coming. As I said, I already told the staff to prepare. It would be rude of you not to come. iMessage
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  • Text from Queen Elizabeth II

    Text - o AT&T 4G 3:06 AM 100% Messages Granny Details Dear Harry. I hope this doesn't wake you. It is currently 11:06 am, so it is probably 3:06 am in California. I don't recall exactly where you said you live, but a person from the staff said all of California should be in the same time zone. Are you planning on coming home this year? We all miss you dearly. No one cares to admit it -and some family members have even said things are easier now that you and Meghan are living abroad. But I know d
  • Text from Prince William

    Text - o AT&T 4G 12:08 PM 59% Messages William Details Are you coming to the UK this year? Everyone wants to know. Not me though. iMessage
  • Text from Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (aka Prince Charles' wife)

    Text - o AT&T 4G 4:16 PM 67% Messages Camilla Dad's wife Details Hello! I just came back from having a particularly delicious lunch with Your Majesty, and she happened to mention that it is still unclear whether or not you are coming to Windsor before the year ends. guess my question is: are you? I could really score some points with the Queen right now. I spilled tea during our lunch and she's not very happy with me. And that's on top of her already not liking me. iMessage
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  • Text from a royal aid

    Text - o AT&T 4G 8:34 PM 82% Messages Leo Royal Aid Details Hello, Prince Harry. Your Majesty The Queen would like to formally invite you to come to the UK to have "tea and a chat" with her. She sends her love to Megan and Alfie. iMessage
  • Text from President Obama

    Text - oo AT&T 4G 4:45 PM 28% Messages Barack Obama Details Hi Harry. The Queen has been texting me all week because apparently you have not yet texted her back. I already told her I have no idea if you and Meghan are planning on going to Windsor this year, and that just because we both live in America, that does not mean we talk to each other. We don't even live in the same State. iMessage


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