Wholesome Memes to Keep The Feels Intact

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    Furniture - * PETA MANCER "Yesterday this pile of blankets was all over the ground filthy, partially wet and frozen having been slept In the night before. I saw a city worker putting the stuff into what looked like a trash can. Then this morning I walk by the same spot and see the blankets had been washed and folded. Made me smile."
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    Canidae - TODAY IS MY 17th BIRTH DAY! INE
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    Cat - N @yesyxs Look at her in her jumper
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    Text - Photo caption - When your partner makes something for you and asks how it is This is some serious gourmēt shit.
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    Games - my favorite teacher Give up on me because l keep failing Or Draw 25 UNO
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    Spider-man - My husband strategizing our Me, just enjoying spending this time with him next moves in a video game
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    Food - Copper Spoon is at Copper Spoon. CS 1h • Fort Wayne, Indiana • O We'd like to take a moment to wish a very happy 93rd birthday to one of our favorite regulars, Mrs. Mary Sue! Mary's Tips to making it to 93: Enjoy the outdoors, don't eat too much crap till you're old, and bourbon & red wine never hurts!
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    Text - Room - This guy went door to door playing for patients in the cancer recovery ward
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    Sky - This happy hedgehog is cheering for you
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    Text - Here's proof the simplest things can make the biggest impacts. June 27, 2020 Dear Sara, This is a little bit awkward. But I've waited a really long time to pass this on to you. My wife and I came in for haircuts shortly before Christmas of last year. My wife was suffering from dementia, and you treated her as if you'd been working with dementia patients all your life. You let us sit next to cach other, and when it came time for her cut you turned her chair towards me so I could watch her
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    Mode of transport - 9 YEAR OLD ME: DRAWS A TERRIBLF: PICTURE IN CRAYON MY DAD: This will make a fine addition to my collection,
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    Fictional character - My dad and me when I say I want to go get McDonald's and my dad doesn't, but he wants to make me happy: No. We are noț stopping. HIVE *sigh*
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    Text - My bf talking about his niche hobby, which he always gets excited about what he expects me to think What I actually think and feel
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    Text - People - When bro love is so strong the earth rewards you
  • 15
    Pink - Boys when you give them a compliment.
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    Movie - An ugly Christmas ornament I made when I was little Me Cast it into the fire. Destroy it! My mom No.
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    Dog - When you find that one person you just connect with on a different level than anyone else
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    Meal - Me looking at the mash potatoes on Thanksgiving like:
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    Dog - smile for the camera
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    Text - Text - viridianmasquerade I make my ramen the way a friend taught me in eleventh grade. Every fall, I listen to a playlist made for me by a boy I drove across a border to hook up with. I eat sushi because a girl who won't talk to me anymore made me try it, and Indian food because my best friend's parents ordered for me before I knew what I liked. There are movies I love because someone I loved loved them first. I am a mosaic of everyone I've ever loved, even for a heartbeat. 29,211 notes
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    Facial expression - This is my 98 year old neighbor and friend. She is afraid to go to church so every Sunday I go over and set her up to watch a livestream of mass. Recently, I found the book of Sunday's so she can follow along. She is such a blessing to me
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    Building - My kids and I ducked in to grab a few essentials and some ice cream at our local shop today when I had a lady approach me and handed me $20 telling me to go and buy my girls an ice cream. I thanked her and said she didn't need to do that as we were going to get ice creams anyway. She insisted, telling me it was her birthday, she had been given some money and wanted to do this to celebrate so we greatfully accepted and wished her a happy birthday. I let my girls pick 2 boxes of ice cre
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    Dog - This is Julie. She's the only thing keeping the tower from falling. Not sure why it's her responsibility, but she doesn't mind. 14/10
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    Window - I just found out that my grandmother has spent her time during covid hitting the weights, she turns 85 next week...
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    Cat - My cat used to sleep on pizza boxes until my gf threw them away. i finally caved and got pizza today and this was his reaction THANK YOU! PLEASE CALL AGAIN PIZZ • HOT & DELIC Extra Cheese OMushroon ISausage IMeat Ball CUSTOMER OPepperoni DOnlons OPeppers DAnchovles Sp
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    Dog - You know you're spoiled rotten when your adopter throws you a squirrel-themed birthday party because she knows how nuts you are for squirrels. B squirrel food Go Nuts/
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    Facial expression - My fiancé andI got our engagement photos! This has to be one of our favorites!
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    Text - baltazar-the-evildemonilamma S pangur-and-grim anonymous asked My dad has motion detectors with built-in cameras along his driveway, and there's a frog that has figured out that if it jumps in front of the detector, the infrared light that turns on will attract bugs. So my dad frequently gets a bunch of pictures of the frog jumping around, and he's really fond of the frog now. He refers to it as his frog, enjoys getting pictures of it, and is always super, super careful in the driveway to
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    Text - TODD SPENCE @Todd Spence Actual photo of service dogs watching Billy Elliot The Musical as part of their behaving in a theater training. My heart can't take it
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    Text - When your plant begins to sprout
  • 31
    Adaptation - A kid acting as a tree in a play His parents
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    Text - Morning - Stranger with a dog You can pet him if you'd like Me
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    Photo caption - Tiny Baby Cat, the tiniest, most baby BABY 00000 TINY BABY UP TO 3KGS


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