Karen Demands Delivery Driver Checks Her Groceries Out, Driver Complies

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    Text - r/MaliciousCompliance + Join u/[deleted] • 2y Lady demanded that I, a delivery man, check her groceries out. So I complied... with my package scanner. L Originally posted this over on O r/idontworkherelady and they suggested this sub would appreciate it! Hope you guys like it! Had quite an amusing encounter over this past winter break.
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    Text - To set the stage, I was working as a holiday helper for a UPS delivery guy. As a holiday helper they had us wear cheap brown vests with a small company logo on them. You'd think that would be enough, but apparently not. Now although we mainly drop packages off at peoples' houses, we also went through a shopping plaza to drop off stuff at different stores. We were dropping stuff off at Kroger when this happened. The way it worked was I would take a cart loaded with packages into Kroger alo
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    Text - Standard practice for me is to unload all the boxes behind the counter and then just wait until an employee comes back to sign off on them. So I unload all the boxes, stack them behind the counter, and then lean up against it to wait for someone to come by. While I'm waiting I casually take out my phone and begin browsing Reddit to pass the time. Then I heard the "Ahem." I looked up to see some fifty-something-year-old lady scowling at me, with a cart packed to the brim with food. She had
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    Text - We stared at each other and her expression soured with each passing moment like the milk that was undoubtedly curdling in her cart. Finally she broke the awkward silence. "Well?" I shrugged. "Well what?" She shoved her cart forward, almost bumping me with it. "Are you gonna keep ignoring me? Or are you gonna check me out?" I looked at her then down at my uniform, which consisted of a grey hoodie, black sweatpants, and my trademark brown vest. Kroger employees wear black khakis, blue-colla
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    Text - The sour woman scoffed and jabbed a finger at my DIAD. "Bullshit. You're just too lazy to help me. Start scanning these," she shoved the cart at me again, this time bumping my thigh, "or l'll get your manager." I wasn't sure why she didn't go to the standard checkout line either, but l guess if things got really busy, Kroger allowed customers to go through the customer service desk too. (It wasn't very busy anway.) Now I could've taken the easy way out, told her to politely fuck off, and
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    Text - So I decided to help her out and began to unload her groceries, one by one, in the most tedious manner possible. I scanned each fruit, can, veggie, and box with the DIAD (which is normally used for recording people's addresses. Funnily enough, it didn't know where the kiwi or Rotisserie chicken live, but it does make a satisfying little bleep when it rejects an address which sounded quite similar to a product being scanned.) 1. I kept doing this for about ten minutes, often "miss- scannin
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    Text - I stood there, DIAD in one hand, egg crate in the other, looking completely innocent while trying not to die laughing. I could swear I heard her mind briefly shutting down at the stupidity of my question, before rebooting. Calmly and with a polite smile, I repeated the question. Her face was almost as purple as the grapes l'd offered to discount as she struggled to form words. "What... kind of a dumbass question is that?" she croaked, her manicured nails digging into trembling palms. I pl
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    Text - By this point the Kroger employee working the customer service desk returned and the lady turned on them with the fury of God. "HOW CAN YOU LET AN EMPLOYEE TREAT ME THIS WAY? I SHOP HERE ALL THE TIME! HOW DARE YOU TREAT A VALUED CUSTOMER LIKE SHIT!" To their credit, the customer service worker took the verbal assault pretty well, holding their hands up in a "Holy shit" gesture as they tried to calm the lady down. Then they looked from her to me and back to her and simply reiterated what I
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    Text - I was fascinated to see the "doubling down when you're wrong" mentality in action, but to my surprise all the wrath leached out of this harpy in two seconds flat. It was the look of someone who realized the only way they'd save face in a situation like this was to simply drop it. She pursed her lips at the employee's words and looked at my brown vest, as if thinking I was somehow still defying her logic. "Well," she said coldly, "you just lost a customer." Then, quick as she'd arrived, th
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    Text - I was tempted to say that was more of a win, but figured l'd antagonized her enough. Holding out my DIAD for a signature, I asked if the employee had ever encountered her before. He said he had, but never that angry. She was usually just demanding and arrogant to anyone else when she shopped there. After getting his signature, I helped him repack everything and asked if he needed me to help him take it back, but he said "no." It was worth it just getting another tumorous customer out of t


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