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Star Wars Prequels Memes For People Who Really Hate Sand

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    Font - ? The OTHER Harry? 14:40 Film Theory: Harry Potter ISN'T The Chosen One? The Film Theorists 9,9 Mio. Aufrufe vor 5 Jahren Me who knows that anakin is the chosen one Smort bmadelwithmematic
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    Face - Anakin: "OK, what role am I going to play in this Order 66 thing?" Palpatine: "Remember that story you told me, about killing all those children on Tatooine?" Anakin: "Yeah, that was horrible. I hope I never have to do it again!" Palpatine: solid_snark do it again
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    Pc game - People who shipped Luke and Leia in 1983 finding out that they're siblings: Time to abandon ship.
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    Face - When you got made fun of for watching Rebels and CVW cuz "it's just a kid's show" but now you're one of only ones who know what's going on in the Mandalorian Signature look of superiority former more re
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    Shoulder - Bad guys' aim in Original Trilogy: Bad guys' aim in Prequel era: HIGH GROUND Bad guys' aim in Prequel era, but with sad music: Bad guys' aim in Mandalorian:
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    Text - Me, has problems with seeing My optician: 1oionis lawed
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    Helmet - TL4DR The Mandalorian 5x More Popular Than Anything Else On Disney+ New viewing figures for Disney+'s original shows reveal The Mandalorian is easily the most popular, raking in five times more viewers than its rivals. BY DANIEL GILLESPIE 1 DAY AGO I am Disney+ u/NullCube
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    Cartoon - Rome: *Falls* The Catholic Church: Well, I guess I'm in charge now.
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    Text - Whenever Anakin gets mildly irritated In the Clone Wars Dave Filoni Are we blind?! Play Imperial March.
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    Fictional character - The Winchester Star BRIEFS Study Shows Frequent Sex Enhances Pregnancy Chances ples don't want to use other forms of birth control. Reeearchers aay there are als By The A BOSTON A atudy that re- How could we have missed this? made with mematic
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    Font - Mom: Why is your password 32108853196810283? Мe: 32 10 88 53 19 68 102 83 32 10 88 53 19 68 102 83 Ge Ne Ra K Er No Bi Radium (226) 2-8-18-32-18-8-2 Germanium lodine 126.90 2-8-18-18-7 Potassium Erbium Bismuth 72.630 2-8-18-4 Neon 20.180 39.0983 2-8-8-1 167.26 24-18-30-8-2 Nobelium (259) 2-8-18-32-32-8-2 208.98 2-8-18-32-18-5 2-8
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    Poster - That's Anakin's tracking signal, all right. But it's coming from Tatooine. What the blazes is he doing there? He hates sand.
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    Fictional character - i About this website R2 MIN READ You can now buy a bean-bag onesie so you can stay seated wherever you go Take a seat, young Skywalker. THANK YOU MASTER WINDU ADDTENT.COM
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    Photo caption - 2008: The Clone Wars movie releases, giving Anakin an annoying orange sidekick ENCHAN DER T I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet ENCHA U DER but your kids are gonna love her
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    Fictional character - Bisexual people, after they have sex 2 times: I want more. And I know I shouldn't.
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    Hairstyle - You're a slave? I'm a person and my name is Anakin. So how much do you cost Anakin?
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    Heat - HEALTHYFOODHOUSE.COM This Robot Planter Follows The Sunlight & Throws Tantrums If You Don't Water It Mine after a few days:
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    Action-adventure game - When your French girlfriend asks you to treat her like a queen: tegrated
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    Adaptation - Nobody: Analog clocks when it's 9:15:
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    Photo caption - Every FPS team ever @starwars explored casual tryhard vet noob
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    Parallel - Be naked at my sister's wedding (Lower East Side) My sister is having an outdoor wedding in New Canaan ct in May. I want someone to be naked in the woods and to run through the wedding in order to ruin it. I will protect you from my family. New York 278 NY 907L 278 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap Your tactics confuse and frighten me, sir.
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    Text - Master, I think this little guy is sick. He's burning up with a fever. *checks temperature with gloved, prosthetic hand*
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    Text - When your friend hits your arm during a toy light-saber fight and you discuss wether or not that counts as a win.
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    Cartoon - When Anakin's force ghost watches Rey heal things Years of being Darth Vader wasted! SPRO
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    Text - When a stripper jumps out from your birthday cake @warchoume es - I was hoping for kenobi, Why are you here
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    Text - HIGA GROUND HIGA GROUND MAUL LOw CtoUND PO.V. KENOBI from a certain point of view.
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    Adaptation - Masks are terribly comfortable, i think everyone will be wearing them in the future. He can see things before they happen, It's a Jedi trait.
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    Helmet - I look the best in Mandalorian No I look the best in Mandalorian armor! AMATEURS. armor! WHAT WAS THAT, PUNK? AMATEURS.
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    Adaptation - Send dunes Delivered
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    Photo caption - Hey, this doesn't look like a prequel meme! Let me see your meme license! You don't need to see my meme license. You want to see the funny man say Hello There. I don't need to see your meme license. I want to see the funny man say Hello There.
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    Hair - jfc pls stahp why omg anakin ffs Grown more beautiful, I mean. Oh Ani you'll always be that little boy I knew on Tatooine. wasted
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    Fictional character - G who voices mr krab who voices savage who voices mr krabs who voices savage opress Clancy Brown Clancy Brown I think (“ Mr. Krabs 2 is a Sith Lord.
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    Photo caption - CAIT 30 Ahsoka on her way back from capturing darth maul Palpatine is a Sith Lord Anakin turning t the dark side Order 66 made with mematic
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    People - Gonna tell my kids this was Grand Admiral Thrawn
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    Photo caption - Normal Boys during NNN Me jerking off for the 5th time today
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    Eyewear - Qui-Gon after being tasked to protect the Queen and coming back with a force-sensitive child and a new hyperdrive I've been hustlin my entire life.
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    Text - ME: *BARELY HITS YOUNGER SIBLING* YOUNGER SIBLING TO OUR DAD: The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed.
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    Lego - How could LEGO get such a simple thing so wrong? RS made with mematic
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    Fictional character - Hello there Hello there All: Hello there
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    Rubik's cube - The galaxy according to OT lore The galaxy according to prequel lore The galaxy according to sequel lore
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    Adventure game - Damn, that Tragedy routine really works, doesn't it? Wait a second... Attention Jedi! Have any of you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
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    Youth - POV: You are whining about sand made with mematic
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    Movie - It's over Obi-Wan, you have the high ground Lunderestimate your power shouldn't try it Obi-Wan I was the chosen one, Obi-Wan! I was meant to destroy the Sith, not join them! YOU HATE ME! I was your brother, Obi-Wan. You loved me
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    Animation - Hello there. Uh, hi? Failure. Sla
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    Text - Restaurant: Seniors over 65 eat free! Me: Oh great my dad here is 66! My dad, only 50:
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    Line - When you're texting and she says clone wars is a bad show
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    Display device - My monitors have doubled since the last time we met, count. Good... twice the monitors, double the productivity!
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    Text - When you're flying in an LAAT gunship and you see the main charaters flying beside you We're all gonna die!
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    Adaptation - shubincotics Follow a soviet soldier training his backflip tomahawk throw. * DarthJarJar69_ • 1h Imagine being some poor German child who has been conscripted in 1945 and the last thing you see is f J chad Ivan 360 no-scopeing your ass with a tomahawk while doing back flip with enough vodka in his system to kill a bear 44 + The Slav side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... unnatural.
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    Photo caption - Kid hitting me with "OK Boomer" Me hitting him with my vehicle
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    Cartoon - "Mace Windu's lightsaber is purple, since it combines both red and blue, showing that he is neither Jedi nor Sith Samuel L Jackson just really liked purple.


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