I Can Has Cheezburger?

Bright And Cheery Doggos Enjoying Fresh Snow

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    Dog breed - WeRateDogs® @dog_rates 000 This is Tucker. He likes to run around collecting all the snowflakes before they hit the ground. 12/10 hasn't missed one yet Kaitlyn Quinn 3:06 AM - Dec 1, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 6.4K Retweets 360 Quote Tweets 116.7K Likes
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    "My friend's dog in the snow"

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    Dog breed - Jared P. 000 @hat1277 Replying to @dog_rates and @Kaitlyn017 My baby boy, Jasper, missed a couple snowflakes on the way down but he wants to know if that's ok
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    "My sister's derpy snow dog."

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    Dog breed - Cody @DoxycDreamer 000 Replying to @dog_rates and @Kaitlyno17 My dog Louie has collected some snowflakes too!
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    "We love snow ??"

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    Dog breed - Mary @_too_much_tv Replying to @dog_rates and @Kaitlyno17 Awww kinda looks like my pup, Winnie! This was her first snow back in October (she came from Tennessee as a pregnant stray) and she loved it!
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    "Olive's first snow! We'll make a sled dog out of her yet."

    Dog breed
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    Dog breed - Jonathan Bernard 000 @jonathanwbernar Replying to @dog_rates and @Kaitlyn017 Our Tucker loves the snow after it hits the ground. You two can team up
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    "His first time at the snow ??"

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    Dog breed - Annelise Ehrhardt 000 @mslady0913 Replying to @dog_rates and @Kaitlyn017 This is Duke. He's like a giant Tucker, with a snow beard.
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    "My girl is lovin the snow"

    Dog breed
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    Dog breed - Deb Walters 000 @debo315 Replying to @dog_rates and @Kaitlyn017 Henrik Loves the snow too!
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    "She loves the snow!"

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    "Brutus (8 months) enjoying his first ever snowstorm! I’m sure everyone else in MN is mad about how much I wish for snow, but it makes my boys so happy!"

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    "First snow of the season!"

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    "First time seeing snow"

    Dog breed - TANGE
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    "My dog playing in the snow today!"

    Dog breed
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    "Two Different Reactions to Snow"

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    "Today is my handsome boy’s first snow day!"



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