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Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (29 images)

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    "This is Bella. First dog I have had in 20 years."

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    "Rescued a couple brothers this weekend"

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    "This is Freddie. He was adopted this week. Something tells me he is quite comfortable in his new home."

  • 4

    "Recently adopted a kitten, this was a pic of her first night home!"

    Small to medium-sized cats
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  • 5

    "My husband and I adopted Tommy Hiltiger today he is adjusting to his new home and family perfectly fine from the looks of it"

  • 6

    "My dad finally allowed me to have a dog, just look at his ears!!!"

  • 7

    "My fiancé has been trying to get an emotional support dog for months with no luck. But tomorrow, we get to pick up this girl! Meet Marmee :)"

    Dog breed
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  • 8

    "I've waited 32 years to own my first dog and today was the day I finally got to. Meet Dobby"

    Dog breed
  • 9

    "New Puppy! She's a Good Girl"

    Dog breed
  • 10

    "Meet Noodle, my new baby boy."

    Skin - WAL
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  • 11

    "It has been a year since I had to say goodbye to my cat. After this time, I feel like adopting another one... Meet Meru!"

  • 12

    "Please look at my grandpa holding his new puppy! He hasn’t had a pet in several years, and this is the happiest I have seen him in a long time. A warm family welcome to little boy Yoda!"

  • 13

    "Adopted him from the streets today ... Welcome buddy"

    Dog breed
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  • 14

    "Adopted a void yesterday. Shelter said she didn't like laps. It's been an hour. Send snacks."

  • 15

    "After I finished a year of cancer treatments and was declared cancer-free, my husband surprised me by letting me adopt this 17-year-old beauty! We named her Betsy."

    Small to medium-sized cats
  • 16

    "Two days ago my husband wanted to “think” about getting a cat. Yesterday we went to the shelter “just to look”. This is today. Everyone meet Rocket."

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  • 17

    "Meet our new puppy, Pancake!"

  • 18

    "It's my cake day, so here's my new puppy. Meet Oliver."

  • 19

    "Brought home my rescue puppy today!!"

    Dog breed
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  • 20

    "Adopted these two little beauties from the animal shelter. Say Hi to Loki and Thor :)"

  • 21

    "My kids named our new puppy Raven, because she’s dark but in her heart she’s good just like the Teen Titans character."

    Dog breed
  • 22

    "my name is Odin and it’s my first night with my new humans"

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  • 23

    "I picked up my new best friend today"

    Dog breed - KN PAE
  • 24

    "Family adopted a kitten. Meet Moira"

  • 25

    "Never thought I'd have another pup until this beauty stole my heart. Welcome home, Sage!"

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  • 26

    "I adopted this senior cutie today! Meet Fox everyone"

    Dog breed
  • 27

    "After months on the wait list my girlfriend and I got our first cat. Meet Eggy!"

  • 28

    "Old man Ed's "I'm getting adopted!" smile is both handsome and proud!"

    Dog breed


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