'Send Nudes' Reaches Full Potential, Escalates Into All Out War of Puns

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    nudes pun - Font - Send Nudes Wow look at the clouds
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    nudes pun - Text - 4G 17:11 31 Ramen Noodles MANAGE Typically replies in a day Ramen Noodles CMaruchan Ramen 245 people like this Food & Beverage Company 17:11 Send noodles Aa GIF Write a message... ? ! 1 2 4 5 6 7 0 QWERT Y UIO P A AS DFGH J K LÖ Ä ZXCVBN M ?123 Svenska O
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    Will the Dude Factory please send dudes?

    nudes pun - Text - 4G t 33% 19:05 DudeFactory i ΜΑNAGEΕ Typically replies within an.. DudeFactory 40 people like this eST 201 Product/Service 19:05 Send dudes Aa GIF Write a message...
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    How about sending 'moods'?

    nudes pun - Text - oo Verizon 9:41 AM Messages Psychiatrist Contact Today 832 AM Send moods Text Message Send
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    Or send some feuds while you're at it

    nudes pun - Text - oo T-Mobile 8:52 PM 43% Celebrity Family Feud> Home Manage Facebook Celebrity Family Feud GY.EBRTY TAMILY 167K people like this TV Show 8:52 PM Send feuds Type a message... GIF T Y U W E R P G H J KL ASD F ZXCV BNM X 123 return space
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    Stay outta this North Korea

    nudes pun - Text - o O2-UK GPRS 10:59 78% North Korea Home (7) Facebook Invite North to Messenger North Korea You and North Korea aren't connected on Facebook Self-Employed Studied LIFE at University of Life Add them so they can message you, and so you can send and receive money, make voice and video calls, and more in your conversation. ADD IN MESSENGER 10:58 Send nukes
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    Bravo to this

    nudes pun - Text - 3 Facebook o00 15:04 59% Sandstorm Home Manage Typically replies in a few hours SAND Sandstorm 724 people like this STORM Musician/Band 15:04 send darudes Type a message... ee GIF yeah the ty u ert qw O p d f g h jk a S X C Vb n m Z X 123 return space


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