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Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (18 Images + 3 Vid)

  • 1

    "I’ve waited 27 years for this moment! Meet Althea, my very own pup."

    Dog breed
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  • 2

    "Rescued tiny dog. No more worries little guy. You will forever be warm now"

  • 3

    "Tried to adopt one loaf, ended up with twin loaves."

  • 4

    "Meet Louie. We never planned on having a dog but driving home one night we saw this this little guy almost get hit by incoming traffic in the middle of a busy road. We took him home so I guess now we have a dog."

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  • 5

    "Today I took my orphaned kittens to meet a bereaved mum. She adopted them instantly. Loveliest thing I've ever witnessed"

  • 6

    "My dad deals with a lot of mental health issues and he's a completely different person when he's around dogs. So after a lot of encouragement from me... Meet Xena."

    Dog breed
  • 7

    "Meet Kevin. He is 4 years old and I just rescued him from the shelter. Say hello!"

    Vertebrate - 110000
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  • 8

    "Meet my new cat Luna!"

  • 9

    Bonus: "Found this little girl on a parking lot last month. Her name is Aloy and she loves to rest in my arm."

    Human - RECO
  • 10

    "Adopted my first kitty today. Say hi to Leo"

    Felidae - ESJOY 18 50
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  • 11

    "We adopted our first kitty, he already kicked one of the girls off her car seat"

    Carnivore - TESTED sDE ACT TESTEO
  • 12

    "We’re adopting this precious girl!"

  • 13

    "Heard crying in our backyard Friday night and we found her"


    Update: "We were able to trap her on Saturday. Took her to the vet on Sunday and after spending the night for a fever and upper respiratory infection we picked her up this morning. She's around 10 weeks old and a purring machine."

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  • 14

    "After many years I've finally managed to adopt a cat! Everybody meet my sweet little baby Freya"

    Small to medium-sized cats
  • 15

    "Woke up to the sound of crying in our front yard. A trip to the vet and the pet store later, meet Luna and Luz."

  • 16

    "My girlfriend and I adopted a senior pitbull mix that wasn't getting too much interest at the shelter. We don't see why, because she is a 57lbs brick of love and affection. Meet Tika."

    Dog breed
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  • 17

    "New work from home supervisor"

    Display device - Enter
  • 18

    "My husband had been asking for a kitten for months now. I finally got him his late Christmas present. Meet Sweet Pea, our new adopted baby."

  • 19

    "Today we adopted Toby, he has been in the shelter for nearly 6 years. We plan on being his furever home!"

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  • 20

    "I’m going to visit this little senior citizen at the shelter tomorrow. I hope I get to adopt him. Wish me luck!" (Part 1)

  • 21

    (Part 2) "Adopted 15 lbs of pure love from the shelter yesterday. This is Gunnar, he’s 12 years old and clearly a veteran biscuit maker."


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