Fast Food, Fast Life: Groomsmen Troll Bride and Dress Up as McDonald's Food for an Absurd Wedding Procession

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    Couples in South East Asia have a tradition where the groom and his groomsmen have to participate in a series of tests in order to win over the Bride.

    Doing so in full costume really creates a sight to behold.
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    "For Chen, he and his groomsmen completed tasks such as mashing their face into clingwrap and peeling off duct tape submerged in buckets of ice — all for the bride's (and her friends') amusement." - Mashable Reported
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    Chen, who made all of the costumes himself, noted that his wife got a good kick out of the whole ordeal.

    "She knows there's no choice. And she knows I love making costumes so it's part of me," he said.
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    The cling wrap challenge.
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    Judging by all the happy faces, I'd say this was a well-intended troll was well executed. Best of luck to the adorable couple.
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    The whole party of groomsmen.
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    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.
    Here's the full video of the day in all of its glory. Seems to be smiles all around.

    H/T mothership and mashable


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