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7 GIFs Showing That Maybe Pugs Shouldn't Celebrate Christmas

  • 1

    Well They Look Friendly Enough And Full of The Christmas Spirit

    gif pug in christmas themed glasses
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  • 2

    This Pug is Literally in The Christmas Present

    gif pug inside a paper wrapped present

    What could go wrong?

  • 3

    OK, Maybe They Were Boxing In Some Emotions, And Its Just Coincidence That This Toy is Shaped Like a Reindeer

    gif pug in santa hat attacking a reindeer toy
  • 4

    Alright, Parking a Sleigh is Tough, No Denying That, But Still This is Pretty Hostile

    gif pug in santa hat dragging a sleigh and causing it to turn sideways
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  • 5

    Oh No, This Vicious Pug Just Decapitated an Iceman

    gif pug dog breaking an iceman
  • 6

    Somehow Through Dark Magic, The Pugs Have Turned Santa into a Piñata

    gif pugs chasing santa toy

    Those of you with weak stomachs, may want to avert your eyes.

  • 7

    Using a High Speed Mirrorless Camera System With Ectoplasmic Viewing System We Are Able To See Through Their Innocent Veneer

    gif of pug emerging from a box with glowing red eyes


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