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10 GIFs Bathing Animals That Are Essential to View Today

  • 1

    Is This a Teacup Kitty?

    gif kitten being bathed in a cup
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  • 2

    This Bunny Gets It

    gif bunny getting a bath in a sink
  • 3

    Ferret Friend Follows Suit

    gif ferret bathing in sink
  • 4

    Little Pig Looks So Content That They Have To Held Up

    gif piglet being washed in a sink
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  • 5

    Why Yes, I am Quite Relaxed

    gif of cat bathing in a bucket
  • 6

    One Chill Dog

    gif dog enjoying belly rubs in bath
  • 7

    It's Cool, I Got This

    gif hairless rat taking showing in a sink
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  • 8

    Such A Contemplative Monkey

    gif baby monkey hugging toy during bath
  • 9

    Where's The Water Come From?

    gif cat in a sink washing under faucet
  • 10

    Yeah Bud, Rubber Ducks Make Great Hats

    gif dog in bathtub balancing a rubber duck on its head

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