I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (17 Images + 2 Vid)

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    "3 days before I finally took her home.."

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    "My parents got their dog a puppy"

  • 3

    "My first cat! Meet Basil"

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    "Went to my local shelter to adopt a cat and this lovebug ran up to sit in my lap. She was found on a city sidewalk giving birth months ago. Her kittens have since been adopted but this mama cat has been living at the shelter. She arrived at my apartment-


    today and has already made herself at home"

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  • 5

    "My wife and I saved this little girl tonight from the cold. She's been eating out of our trash and hanging out around our house."

  • 6

    "Just adopted a puppy! Let me introduce you to Milo!"

  • 7

    "Meet Tobi, my first cat ever"

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  • 8

    "So apparently my brother adopted a stray cat and when I came to visit, he introduced himself before I could get into the house!"

  • 9

    "She was a feral kitten from the woods next to my house. No one wanted her, but I needed her. Meet Cleo, my new rescue kitty."

  • 10

    "I just adopted my first pet! This is Kisa, she is my emotional support animal. My bf and I discovered she’s a naturally cuddly kitty who loves pets! In only 3 days she’s made her own little nap spot on my bed, and we chill while I do homework. She’s --


    also beautiful to boot!"

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  • 11

    "Meet Buck, the newest member to our family."

  • 12

    "Meet the newest member of my family, Perry. "

  • 13

    "It’s been one week since we adopted Billie and she just figured out that she can lay in the bed even when my partner and I aren’t sleeping. She hasn’t left the bed except when she hears us making food"

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  • 14

    "Adopted a cat"

  • 15

    "His name is teddy"

  • 16

    "I’ve never had a proper dog pal until recently. Meet Arlo! My new tiny buddy"

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  • 17

    "NEW FRIENDS! Video of my dog cuddling with my cat after we adopted him!"

  • 18

    Bonus: "Took in this 15yo lady 6 months ago when the previous owners didn’t want her. With proper food and care she has gained over a pound and looks so much more healthy"

  • 19

    Bonus: "Adopted her 2 months ago, I think she finally adopted me back last night "



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