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Cats On Catnip: The Madness Continues

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    "Catnip induced blep"

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    "Teefies on some kinda super catnip."

    Cat - SONAY

    We can only imagine what's going through this shooketh kitty's mind. Is it questioning life? Probably. Wondering where its poops from the litterbox disappear to? Most definitely. It simply dug them too well inside of there, they disappeared even from him. Madness. And wet food? What's up with that? Also, why can't all food be wet foof?

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    "My cat before and after catnip"


    But also, why is that fly not replying to me? I've been talking to it for the past half an hour, and it neither wants to come down and make friends with me, nor does it want to come down so I can eat it. Is it me? Am I not terrifying enough? I should glare at it some more, eventually he'll come down here. 

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    "Catnip in a bag + extremely happy cat"


    But what about the bag? Why do I love the bag so dang much? It's just sooo crinkly and not soft and a really strange place to sleep, I'm aware. But my head fits into it so perfectly. Of course I'll try to sleep in it, it's perfectly head sized. 

    Anyway *clears throat* cats are totally fine. 

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  • 5

    "Too much catnip the night before!"

    Cat - eime
  • 6

    "When the catnip kicks in..."

  • 7

    "Grammy hit the catnip too hard last night."

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  • 8

    "Someone got into the catnip"

  • 9

    "After a night of catnip and kitty treats."

  • 10

    "Someone discovered a toy with A LOT of catnip in it."

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    "Turns out my tea has valerian and Beans sure is a fan!"

    Cat - pURka night time organie deamy bed of
  • 12

    "Crocheted my cat a new “bathroom” friendly catnip toy"

  • 13

    "The face of first time catnip."

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  • 14

    "First time on the catnip"

    Cabinetry - AACMSGO
  • 15

    "Vernos on his catnip infused scratching board"


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