Wittiest Breakup Tweets For Anyone Contemplating Their Love-Life

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    This sounds like it hurts, but you have to give them props for the creativity. Toy story hits us all close to home, but when your name is actually Andy... well that must have been rough. I know nothing about your relationship but this GIF says a whole lot, and I'm invested.

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    LOL suddenly I've already purchased a one-way ticket to Sweet Home Alabama. It is more likely for you to catch me at every country music festival for the rest of my life than to see me go back to my ex. Country rooooad, take me hoooome, to a plaaace, I BELOOONG!

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    Rectangle - O ® ® @kenzzzzdanielle · May 27, 2018 my mom got divorced and bought a new house and car in two days. I went through a breakup and laid in bed for 3 months but ok mom!!! ... 95 27 20K O 174.7K O D D @kenzzzzdanielle · May 28, 2018 for those of you who don't have the pleasure of knowing miss caroline (my sweet mama) she has been and always will be THAT bitch... she never has and never will need a man to provide for her, PERIOD. she got $0 from her ex & and bought everything herself. s
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    Cheezburger Image 9592551168
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    Font - kayyorkcity @kayyorkcity · Oct 1, 2019 Me: should I just text him again? everyone: NYCT Subway. Wear a Mask. @NYCTSubway · Sep 24, 2019 Really can't emphasize this enough: bad, bad, bad idea. Exceedingly dangerous and unnecessarily disruptive. Just please don't, okay? Thanks. Show this thread 266 2I 19.9K 126.6K kayyorkcity @kayyorkcity · Oct 1, 2019 The "unnecessarily disruptive" got me 285
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    Facial expression - gregg @Gregggyboy · Mar 15, 2019 Me and my girlfriend dated once when we were younger and now again as adults (9 years apart) I dumped her in a text when we were 17 and anytime we watch a movie that is ab breakups she still will say "i wonder if he dumps her in a text" girl's never forget a thing. 282 27 23.9K 294.9K gregg @Gregggyboy · Mar 15, 2019 then and now. moral of the story- even if you completely blow it at a young age you can still win her back 9 years later (thanks
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    Mammal - khiry curving @KhiryArion Feb 15, 2019 so I asked my mom why is she still talking to my old boo and she asked me "why are you still talking to my ex husband?". Ma'am.. that is my father ... 404 27 62.1K 364.5K
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    Font - aleve pm @greenbeangrrl · May 22, 2018 my ex just snapchatted me saying "look what I found in my wallet" and it was video of him throwing a Polaroid of me in the trash.. okay JOE ur the weirdo who kept a picture of me in your wallet for a year Imao ... 216 t7 33.1K 291.7K
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    Cheezburger Image 9592551680
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    Product - fructose mama @HellolmSammi · Feb 22, 2018 Once I told me ex to slap my face during sex and he said he didn't wanna hurt me, but then cheated on me so l'm confused ... 465 27 48.7K 275.9K fructose mama @HellolmSammi · Feb 22, 2018 Ew I didn't notice I said me instead of my and I wanna die bc of that 59 27 134 5K
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    Product - Alyssa Schoener @alyssa_schoener · Jul 14, 2019 My best friend just stopped sharing her location with me. She's fucking her ex isn't she ... 2.3K 2I 51.3K 377.4K Alyssa Schoener @alyssa_schoener · Jul 14, 2019 Can everyone stop saying my best friend is fucking my ex, he's not very cute and I would hope she has better taste than that 34 27 261 7.7K
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    Product - Nick Lutz @NickLutz12 · Feb 17, 2017 When your ex writes you an apology letter so you grade it to send it back amp nng y nno Con 4c WD,0Y a momn.or mou be now. noming tnot Say is gang area ycas Ho change no maner munme Aot nos nappenea, lana Ikniw it has Irnw you Aobaly mink y Jore wasnng uour time reading mis,and y mignt e HS rara to magine mert is nomng t of ul. Isaw yuu the om aau.ana i couldnf nere aut Cly. you knw me Sayng"you never how mun you 'had till HS gone 3máis ho feel 1too
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    Rectangle - Sara Morse @saramorseyy · Feb 27, 2019 ... dating my last boyfriend was like being on the bachelor but not knowing I was on the bachelor 168 27 18.7K 141.3K
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    Product - Verizon 8:43 AM 100% ellie schnitt o @holy_schnitt Nov 18, 2018 pro tip: instead of dyeing your hair when you break up with someone, just cut off the exact length of his dick so you can caption your selfie "not gonna miss those 6 inches, Mike ... The average is actually 5.16. Not gonna lie this tweet low key broke my heart worse O 305 ellie schnitt @holy_schnitt Nov 19, 2018 t7 18.5K 171K than you prolly broke mikes. I am very sad and hope in the future you roast men u break up with ba
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    Azure - jen merritt!!! @jennifermerr · Apr 16, 2019 my friend got broken up with by a boy shorter than her so every time i reference him, I assign him a smaller and smaller height ... and that's messed up you deserve better also he's like 4'10" hey boys aren't worth crying over especially when they're 3'7"
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