I Can Has Cheezburger?

Wholesome Stories Of Aloof Cats Finally Choosing Their Human

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    Nose - Posted by u/MadPanda11 3 days ago O 928 S 7 32 After a year of giving him his space, my cat finally claimed me as his. My heart is overflowing with joy.

    This picture is the encapsulation of pure, unadulterated joy. Just looking at it brings a smile to our faces. We each cherish the love and affection shown to us by our cats every single time it happens, so we truly can imagine the feeling that this person is experiencing. We hope many, many more cuddle sessions are in your future, you lovely human. 

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    Font - creepiebeastie 3 days ago We've had our two cats for a little over 4 years now. They're littermates, one of them was the runt of the litter and got bullied by his other brothers apparently, except the one he was with in the shelter. I remember seeing him shaking so much their cage was shaking. He was so scared of everything. He is so different now and we are still amazed by it. He wants to play and sit with us, he wants to be picked up and he wants belly rubs. It is such an amazing feelin
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    Hair - Slatedtoprone 3 days ago My cat only does it at night while I'm sleeping so I'm told. He sits on my chest and quietly meows in my face before resting for 20 minutes than jumping off. I guess he prefers me unconscious.

    My lovely cat took to trusting me rather quickly, but she has always had trouble trusting people beside me. After living with her for years, everyone I live with is stunned whenever she comes to them of her own volition - with no snacks as bribes, calling me over to see or snapping pictures to send to me. It is always amazing to see her being so affectionate with others. 

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    Smile - InOnsistentGentleman 3 days ago My cat does the same thing for the most part, sometimes I'll wake up to see her lounging on my chest and sleeping...and I have to fight the urge to use the restroom or scratch that itch and just...enjoy it.
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    Mammal - Valkyrie_Maiden 3 days ago I still get choked up when my 9 year old boy lays down on my lap or chest. Out of all the soft, warm, safe places in our entire house, not to mention all the other people, he chose me. Time to go cuddle with my cat and thank him for choosing me a
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    Human body - Bakken_Nomad 3 days ago 19 years and still going strong! Had her since I was 12 and now my husband and I gloat when she desides to cuddle one of us.
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    Font - tango421 3 days ago The wife and I do this too. Our cats aren't cuddlers but will occasionally stick to one of us or call one of us specifically. Gloating occasionally happens. The only time we don't really gloat when "chosen" by one of our cats is when the chosen is sad, injured, ill, or depressed. They provide comfort too
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    Font - heckfyre 3 days ago It took ten years but my cat finally started to be little spoon instead of cherry on top, as you have shown
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    Human body - QuixoticDame 3 days ago You spend two years forming a bond and 16 years wanting them to get off of you so you can go to the bathroom.
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    Human body - mostlybadopinions 3 days ago I got an anti-cuddler cat. She likes to be close, just no touching. But once in a blue moon, she'll randomly sit on my lap for 15 minutes, and every time it's like the best god damn feeling in the world.
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    Human body - terracottatilefish 3 days ago My husband woke me up at 3 AM last night to appreciate the fact that our shyer cat had cuddled up and stretched out next to him to sleep.
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    Font - jaodositio 3 days ago As a person who never had any cats, how does this giving some space work? Reply Give Award Share Report Save hoverton 3 days ago Basically leaving them alone and letting them come to you. Don't be pushy, don't forcibly hold them, etc. It takes some cats a long time to warm up to you. I worked with a stray that showed up at the house for months before he let me touch him. He may have been feral...not sure. He does meow now, which ferals usually don't do once they are
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    Font - oliver_v89 3 days ago This feeling never goes away!! I get this feeling even after 10 years.

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