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Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (27 Images + 3 Vids)

  • 1

    "Meet Lewis! We finally got to adopt him! Poor guy got turned down 3 times for being too big/energetic. But just look at that face! (And tongue)"

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  • 2

    "Shelter staff cautioned us that she was very timid and would need plenty of time to adjust to her new surroundings. Less than 24 hours after arriving home... "

    Cat - delete
  • 3

    "Our new kitty is a little photogenic. Meet Lady Ophelia."

  • 4

    "This is Nebula, Nebbie for short. She was found under a bush on the campus where I work. She fell asleep on my foot so of course she lives with us now."

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  • 5

    "My parents have adopted my late grandparents' cat. She's 20 years old."

    Nose - Ca
  • 6

    "My cat has accepted our new kitten"

  • 7

    "My new friend Gibson. He's coming home with me in 2 weeks!"

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  • 8

    "Update: Onyx found his forever home."

  • 9

    "Our first family dog. Meet Bambino."

  • 10

    "Recently we adopted a new kitty, this is her and our older cat meeting for the first time"

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  • 11

    "My name is Hazel and I’m new here. Do you like my nose freckles?"

  • 12

    "I didn't want a dog, but my gf did. Now, instead of attending medical school classes on Zoom, I spend my day putting bowties and scarves on him. Think I'm a dog person now."

    Dog - 19 ャ
  • 13

    "Adopted this handsome man. Meet Gumbo!"

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  • 14

    "Found this little boy on the street, terrified. Three days later he's nothing but purring."

    Cat - ERLAAAD MA 三三N
  • 15

    "Just adopted this cutie!"

  • 16

    "Rescued a kitten for my wife. I think I belong to her now"

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  • 17

    "Gretchen Says Good Morning! I adopted her a couple days ago and she’s the sweetest lil muppet in the world!"

  • 18

    "Meet Greta. We adopted her today. She’s a sweet girl pup with no left eye and no hearing and infinite cuddles. She is perfect."

  • 19

    "First time as a cat mom and I can’t stop taking pictures of them. Brother and sister."

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  • 20

    "Today I adopted my first ever cat from the RSPCA her name is shadow and I am suddenly a cat person and in love."

  • 21

    Bonus: "Always been a dog person, but I adopted this hell raiser with a semi permanent blep a couple weeks ago"

  • 22

    "This sweet senior citizen was adopted 9 hours ago. The entitlement has already started."

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  • 23

    "I’m Ethel, I was recently rescued and my parents love me very much! We thought my cute face might make you smile"

    Dog - MO FR ZZNG
  • 24

    Bonus: "We got a pupper a few weeks ago and a kitten last year. The kitten has been slowly trying to play with the pup but he gets sooooo excited he scares the kitten off. Not sure where he found this little piece of wire but I couldn’t take it from him--

    while he found a way to get the kitten's attention :)"

  • 25

    "Got a kitten today. Meet Lillen."

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  • 26

    "We just found our new puppy, Finnick, is 100% deaf. He will never hear our voices but he will see all of our love!"

  • 27

    "After being a dog person for 30 years I decided to adopt Pablo: a 11 months sweet as sugar kitty and the reason why from today I’m a cat person as well."

  • 28

    "I got a kitty for my Birthday!"

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  • 29

    "I found this little guy yelling alone in the scrapyard, after a clean up and a trip to the vets to check for a microchip, I can finally say I’ve adopted my first kitten! Welcome Arthur"

  • 30

    Bonus: "Adopted this mustachioed lady on Valentine’s Day!"


    If you recently adopted a pet share an image with us in the comments below or send us a DM on Facebook to be featured on next week's list! You can also share your adoption on I Can Has Cheezburger's new Facebook community group, 'ICanHas Storytime,' a place where everyone can share their newly adopted pet with the entire community! 


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