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A Day In The Life Of A Veterinarian: Cats Edition

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    "I heard you guys like cats so I wanted to give you all cats! This is a stray we found outside our clinic and we named her Momma Cat because she was pregnant. She was the sweetest lady and would snuggle with me. --


    We were able to get her to a rescue and she's living her best life now."

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    "This guy had to stay for the day so we could run some tests and he passed out in his kennel, snoring, with his mouth open"

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    "Meet Violet, one of our handicapable cats! She was shot with BB pellets in her spine and is paraplegic. She occasionally uses the cart but she prefers to go without it"

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    "Some people wanted to see how Ghost moved around so here you go!"

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    "This is actually my cat, Tiger. She passed away in 2012 but she’s the reason I wanted to become a vet. I carry her tag with me on my stethoscope so she’s never far from my thoughts. Greatest cat that ever lived!"

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    "I LOVE sphynx cats, they’re so cool! This is Ripley, she belonged to one of my techs. She unfortunately was an older lady when I met her so I only got to be her vet for about a year, but she was awesome. --


    She screeched like a dragon and loved to hide in warm places like your lap (covered in blankets). I bought her that super cute star sweater because she was definitely the star of the show."

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    "This is Ripley’s housemate, Drago. He makes some really intense muffins, as can be seen by him gripping my shoulder. He’ll make muffins for days if you let him!"

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    "This crazy creature was known as Fury, but we often called him Schitten (because he was a very naughty kitten aka shit head). I’ll probably make a separate post about him in the future as he was signed over to us for urinary blockage --


    (owners wanted to euthanize him) at 8 weeks old."

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    "Guys, meet Layla Consuela Banana Hammock WeebleWobble. She has neurological issues that her previous owner could not afford to manage so one of my technicians adopted her (same one who saved Ghost). --


     She is super handicapable and so much fun, you all will love getting to know her soon!"

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    "This is my boss’ cat and his daughter named him so meet Sheep the Fluffy Fledermaus"

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    "This is Kami and she LOVES to be carried around and ride over a shoulder. When she comes in for appointments we frequently carry her around for a tour of the clinic and she’ll just perch on your shoulder purring the whole time."

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    "Layla Consuela in a dress I bought her. She wears a baby size 0-3 months and that’s way cheaper than buying pet-specific clothing"

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    "Sorry for the selfie but I love my one tech’s cats so much that whenever she brings them in I try to take pictures with all of them together. This is the best one I’ve gotten so far as usually they don’t sit still long enough to get a shot."

    Glasses - Natar
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    "My favorite cat patient, Coco! She used to be all black but as she’s aged she started to develop white spots in her fur. I think it makes her look very distinguished!"


    You can follow this amazing vet on Instagram! 

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    Sky - ChubbyBennett 15h ago via iPhone Coco and Drago should have their own buddy cop show, I'd binge-watch that all day + 67 O | + 1 reply
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    Sky - H HaveYouBeenTouchedbyHisNoodlyAppendage 15h ago via Android Thanks for caring for all these beautiful kitties! It looks like you truly love your job and the animals you treat. 仓 22
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    Sky - R rosedahhling 15h ago via Android I love them all! Thank you for sharing these babies with us! + 12 O


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