People Reveal The Worst Thing Their Therapist Ever Said To Them

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    Smile - Papismurf101 4 days ago 3 2 3 2 . Nothing..she fell asleep in her chair while writing notes....I was talking about the death of my parents. I was 16. Never went to another therapist

    Nothing makes you feel quite as crap than sitting across from someone as you pour your heart out to them, only to have them FALL ASLEEP. Honestly, after an experience like this, I don't think I'd go to another therapist either! 

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    Font - cawbear 4 days ago My therapist which I just discontinued would literally order a meal and eat it right in front of me while literally saying nothing... she did that for the entire year I wasted with her, just watching this lady eat her food while saying nothing, only to then give me snarky and 2 word replies

    Falling asleep during therapy is bad, but it is closely followed by ordering and eating food when you're with a client. Honestly, the audacity of people! 

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    Font - assainXD1 4 days ago a I had a psychiatrist who was convinced I was anorexic even though I wasn't. It really sucked because my therapist and my psychiatrist worked at the same company and they had a policy where they don't help people with eating disorders. So even though I went to a specialist and they confirmed I didn't have an eating disorder I was still banned from that facility and lost my long term therapist.
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    Font - KindlyOlPornographer 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago A 2 6 e11 S 7 8 14, telling my shrink about how I was bullied in school. "Do they make fun of your nose?" "...nnnno....?" And thats how I found out I have a big nose.
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    Smile - PrestigeZyra 4 days ago S When they say things like "okay I understand how you are feeling thank you for telling me" but proceeds to ignore most of the things I've said.
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    Font - sgrmw 4 days ago I was dealing with a lot of family issues at the time and my ex had just broken up with me that week so I was taking it fairly hard. My therapist said "it's because they found someone better" and when I said no and tried to explain she just dug in deeper that my ex had dumped me because they found someone better than me.
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    Smile - _TacoBelleoftheBall_ 4 days ago · edited 3 days ago 4 a2 A 6 That my dad was in hell after committing suicide. I was 12. I ran out of there faster than anything.
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    Font - -SincerelyDontCare 4 days ago edited 4 days ago "You'll never do an important job like doctor, veterinarian, firefighter, lawyer, conselor...You'll probably end up in a Walmart for your whole life." I was 8 years old and still remember how mad my parents were lol.
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    Rectangle - itsamejaimie 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago "You're taking up someone else's space, and they're probably dealing with worse" veterans mental health recovery program when I was suicidal and reaching outa
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    Human body - MaximumZer0 4 days ago "You need to find religion and also buy this self help book series that I wrote."
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    Rectangle - lightfootjr 4 days ago My mom saw a shrink the year my brother almost died from a lung infection, she had had a miscarriage, and her husband lost his leg in an accident (all within about 4 months' time). The shrink asked, "Have you considered that maybe God hates you?"
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    Font - HMB43 4 days ago I was fresh out of high school and really depressed. No friends, horrible relationship with my mom and step dad, no one to confide in. I gave in after being pressured to see someone because mental health issues run in my family. I booked an hour assessment. I was in and out within 20 minutes. Dude completely dismissed me because I was young and "every young person goes through these things. Everyone worries about their future, this is totally normal." Took me 3 years to g

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