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Tumblr Thread: Dog Licks Mute Button Whenever She Wants Attention

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    Font - racingbarakarts Follow If my dog wants my attention, she quickly licks my mute button on my laptop so my music will shut off and i will pet her

    She's a smart doggo, can't say anything about that. And she's right too. You gotta have priorities, and petting your most adorable dog in the whole world is the most important one. She's just helping you get to that conclusion by getting rid of every potential distraction - and the music is going first. 

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    Computer - racingbarakarts Follow im not kidding

    Thank you for the visual aid, racingbarakarts, now we truly feel complete. The timing of this photo is impeccable, and though we are incredibly glad you took the time to snap this photo, you better have given your pupper hugs right after taking it, because this might be one of the most adorable pups we've seen, especially having read her story.

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    Dog - a year later, she now just lays on the button
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    Font - So this post is going around about my beautiful dog, Harley. I thought I should tell you guys about her and why she does this. You see, Harley was my first rescue. She's the reason I love rescue dogs. She came from an abusive home that had crammed 22 dogs in one house and was breeding them (Harley was actually the puppy of a stray they brought in and not one of the dogs being bred for profit). She was the last puppy to be given away for a very obvious reason: She was different.
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    Font - She didn't like being alone; actually, that's an understatement. She hated being alone. She would throw tantrums and chew things around her until there was nothing left to chew, then she would chew on her legs until they bled. She feared being abandoned. We knew this going in and we promised ourselves we would never abandon her, but nothing could have prepared us for the troubles we would endure. This dog would chew -everything- that she could get her paws on, and it seemed like there was
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    Product - To us it seemed like she did what she did just to mess with us; like there was no method to her madness besides torture to the people who loved her most. Because she knew it was bad, but she kept doing it.
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    Font - Then one day, after four years of this, we realized what she was doing. We were in a tough spot financially and we were living on ramen and mac and cheese. On weekends, we would treat ourselves with spaghetti and everyone looked forward to it. I guess she could tell because we came home one day and saw that she had pulled all the spaghetti noodles and spaghetti sauce out of our two pantries and spread them on the floor. She was so happy and proud of herself, making the thing that made us
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    Font - She was trying to help. We couldn't even be mad. We cleaned up her spaghetti and held her. She was too happy about it for us to ruin it for her. Since then, we've learned what she means when she does things and through abnormal actions and sounds, we are able to communicate with her. At the age of five, she stopped chewing on things. She started showing that she cared through still 'making' things for us, but it was usually piles of rocks, toys, or cookies that she had been hiding.
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    Font - And with this communication breakthrough, we have been able to comfort her when we have to leave. She no longer chews at her paws. She just sits at the door and waits for us to come back. So I guess moral of the story is that things may go wrong for a long time, but if you hold on and believe in a future without pain and stress, you'll end up with a Harley of your own in a different form. A reward for your work and a friend that'll always be there. You got this

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