Funniest Memes Roasting 'The Bachelor' Finale Like A Damn Marshmallow

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    Okay, seriously I'm happy someone else caught this too. I was just sitting there thinking, "Well don't they seem a bit close." But honestly, there was so much going on that I quickly moved on to the next weird thing. 'The Bachelor' really delivered this year.

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    Organism - Emily @JambalayaQ · Mar 16 Matt: Maybe I shouldn't get engaged to someone I don't really know. ... Chris: What are you going to do? Listen to your МОМ? #TheBachelor

    Lol, these comments killed me. I feel like you could really see how over this show Chris. Side note: how do we feel about Chris not being there? What if he wasn't the host next season? Do we still watch? Do we still care? Some food for thought.

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    Font - * monique @coffeeeequeen · Mar 16 Men will literally become #TheBachelor. of going to therapy •.. instead 13 27 492 4.2K
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    Facial expression - @katiephantom · Mar 16 maybe instead of becoming the bachelor, matt should've just went to therapy #TheBachelor katie •.. 131 27 1.2K 9.7K


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