The Most Passionate Memes About The '90 Day Fiancé' Wedding Episode

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    A lot of people didn't think 90 Day Fianc茅 was going to be able to take place given the current status of the planet.  In March 2020 there was not only a halt on visa applications and travel but also rigid restrictions on filming due to social distancing requirements.

    But, luckily for us, it appears that love conquers all, and we got season 8. What a time to be alive.

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    Font - 90dayfiance_etc @90dayfianceEtc A 50 yr old woman who rolls up to HER FOURTH WEDDING in a white carriage and talks about 'feeling like a princess' ?? Well, It's a lot to swallow. #90DayFiance 9:25 PM 路 Mar 29, 2021 路 Twitter for iPhone

    You can't stop a queen from being extra it appears. Rebecca wanted a fairytale entrance and so that is exactly what she got.

    A lot of Twitter users were outraged because it was her 3rd or 4th wedding and she still wanted to be treated like a princess. Is it over the top? Yes. But dang can't we let her feel like a princess? Wouldn't you want that too?

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    Font - MotherOfDragons War @TryhardMom The couples on @90DayFiance have a harder time getting a pathway to citizenship than the people who break the law to come over the southern border. #Biden #BorderCrisis #90DayFiance 9 10:26 AM 路 Mar 30, 2021 路 Twitter for iPad
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