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These Undercover Robot Animals Are Unsettling to Look at but They Did Manage to Capture Amazing Videos

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    Third Wheel Robot Prairie Dog Watches Other Prairie Dogs Kissing

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    These Sweet Monkeys Grieve for the Baby They Barely Knew, Who Is Also Just a Robot Sent to Spy on Them

  • 3

    Robot Squirrel Is Powerless to Protect His Nuts From Actual Squirrel Thief

  • 4

    Robot Baby Crocs Hitch a Ride to the Water in a Mom Croc's Mouth

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    Robot Otter Interrupts Adorable Otter While He's Just Trying to Have a Meal

  • 6

    This Is the Source of All These Wonderful Robots

    This video offers a glimpse of even more creepy robots fooling cute animals.
  • 7

    And This Interview Explains a Little About How They Did It


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