Women Reveal The Most Horrific Dates They Have Ever Been Set Up On

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    Human body - r/AskWomen Posted by u/vapegod_420 1 day ago How did it go with the last time someone tried to set you up with someone?

    Single people have been through hell and back when it comes to dating, but unfortunately you have to go on dates if you're looking to leave the single life behind. Set-ups are particularly strange situations for the singles out there, and this Reddit thread did not disappoint with set-ups from hell. 

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    Font - tellybelly87 1 day ago This was a long time ago but the first and only time I got set up on a blind date it was through a work acquaintance and did not go very well. The guy showed up to the restaurant wearing a fedora and pink tinted glasses and kept talking over me. Then he tried to order my meal for me. We didn't go out again but ended up working on a video project together (for the same guy that set us up) a couple years later. When I went to his house to edit it, he tried to show me

    Girl, you should have left the second you saw his outfit. They say not to judge on external appearances alone, but I don't care. His outfit was a major red flag, and her immediate reaction towards him ended up being correct. 

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    Font - 2 Confetticandi 1 day ago He was a nice guy, just the most boring person I've ever met. We made it to three dates just because I was in disbelief that a person could be that boring and thought it had to be nerves. No, he truly had no hobbies, interests, opinions, goals, or personality.
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    Human body - Kemokiro 1 day ago A co-worker tried to set me up with her abusive boyfriend's brother. My reply was, "So you want me to join you in getting beat?" I was so done with her ass.
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    Font - KozyTeaSunset 1 day ago Bad, because it turns out my friend wasn't setting me up with him because he thought we would be a good match, but because he told his friend I'm easy and his friend was a virgin apparently. Absolutely no chemistry and the guy was insufferable, he spent a 2 hour date talking about himself and some video game he liked and never asked me anything about myself other than in ways that would relate to him. When I told him I didn't want to see him again he threw a fit ab
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    Hair - crazyartist333 1 day ago He ended up being a registered sex offender. I am never letting my sister set me up with someone again.
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    Font - breadfish93 1 day ago Okay this was years ago before I met my husband. Dude I was set up with took me to Applebee's. We ordered a big trio appetizer along with entrees. I go to the bathroom, I come back and he saves me tortilla chips, no dip, no cheese sticks, just chips. I was mad cause we were splitting the billI. Then he takes me to see some movie I said I was not interested in. He said some sexist shit during the previews, I went to the bathroom, called my friend who set us up and mad
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    Font - 9 turquoise-nightmares 1 day ago Nowhere and fast. My sister tried to set me up with a friend of hers. I wasn't interested, but for the sake of not just being mean and ignoring a guy who was actually very sweet, accepted his friend request on FB. I planned on letting him down gently whenever he finally reached out. That's it. That's all that happened. He friended me and then nada. My sister later asked him why didn't he contact me and it turns out he forgot I existed (he actually had feel
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    Font - Misseskat 1 day ago I got mad, because i wasn't looking. I was 21 and I hadn't had sex, so my 28 year old friend tried to set me up with another virgin guy....sounds lovely. It really pissed me off, I decide what I do with whom, and when. Nothing came of it and she dropped the idea. I think she got the idea she was being an idiot.
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    Font - leialunia 1 day ago My bestfriend wanted to set me up with one of the friends of her bf. The guy was okay, but 2 things made it not working: 1. He reminded me of my uncle (looks). 2. He just wanted a quickie because he didn't have sex in years. He got it somewhere else, stopped whining about getting a girlfriend and when my bestie and her bf asked he told them "he is good, he got laid and that is enough".
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    Font - CuteNeedleworker9 1 day ago It was years ago so can't remember all the details but it didn't go well. At the end of our only date he told me he had a girlfriend. When I asked him why he agreed to be set up with someone if he already had a girlfriend he thought I was upset about being rejected. I saw him getting on a bus I was already on a few weeks later with who I assumed was his girlfriend (they were holding hands) she went to sit in the seat behind me but when he saw me he told her "le
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    Font - Questions_It_All 1 day ago It turns out he was a major creep. I had said yes to the date initially. He was a real dork, I liked that. I pulled out though cos of feeling weird for some reason. There was an eagerness about him that kind of unnerved me. Fast forward a few months afterwards. He was caught with child porn on his hard drive. I guess my intuition was spot on!

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