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14 Highly Relatable Memes About Dogs in Bed After a Long Day

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    Dog - You know you're getting old when you rush home just to be like:

    You know the drill: you're on your afternoon commute after a long day of work. You're running to not miss the bus, because you have something very important to do when you get home: veg out and do absolutely nothing. It sounds trivial, but it's not - there is nothing more satisfying than wrapping yourself up in a blanket on the couch with a bunch of tasty snacks and watching Netflix until you fall asleep. Bliss.

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    Comfort - Netflix: Are you still there? Me: I don't know anymore IG Quincyfox

    Netflix is addictive to say the least, especially when you can watch episodes after episodes of a show without pressing a button. Eventually Netflix will ask if you're still there... but that's for you to answer. Are you still there?

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    Dog - I love not having ajob or responsibilities..

    Sometimes we don't appreciate things in life until it's too late. Like the freedom of being a kid and having absolutely no responsibilities or things to do. However, when you do have a day of zero tasks, no work, and no responsibilities, there's only one thing to do: absolutely nothing. And it is worth it to lie in bed all day (some delicious pancakes never hurt either!). 

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    Bird - Me sitting in a towel for 13 years after a shower
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  • 5
    Product - Me: "when I get home l'm going to be so productive, do all my work, and get my life together" Me when I get home:
  • 6
    Dog - Parents: we didn't raise u to be like this... Me: .then who did?
  • 7
    Dog - "Hey l'll be there in 5, you ready?" Me:
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  • 8
    Comfort - Me:"I never go out I'm tired of being home every weekend" *friends invite me out Me:"I'm sorry l'm busy I can't "
  • 9
    Comfort - Me 2 minutes after getting home from work
  • 10
    Dog - friend: be ready by 7:30 me at 7:30
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  • 11
    Product - I forced my dog out of bed and he walked around the house like this ifunny.ce 449 THEE
  • 12
    Bottle - Me: Sorry, can't go out tonight, I have so much to do *takes quiz to see what kind of pizza l am*
  • 13
    Dog - "i have to go home i have so much stuff to do" me when i get home:
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  • 14
    Product - Me: omg sorry just saw your text, it's been a crazy day Also me: @SUCKMYKICKS


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