Server Reports Coworker For Contaminating Customer's Food

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    Font - AITA for "snitching" on a coworker for spitting on a customer's food? Everyone Sucks I work as a server at a popular chain restaurant. Last Saturday it was a very stressful day as we were extremely busy. One of my coworkers, let's call her Tanya, was in an especially bad mood due to the amount of customers assigned to her section. The issue started when one of the customers ordered chicken strips with buffalo sauce on the side. As Tanya was walking with her tray of food, the sauce dish ti
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    Font - I'm guessing she didn't think it was a big deal to have some hot sauce on your potatoes. So she brought it to the customer anyway. Well the customer eventually called her back and asked for new fries and a new potato because they didn't want buffalo sauce all over their food. Tanya came back to the kitchen unreasonably upset. She was complaining about spoiled people, wasting food, extra work, and things like that. The cook made a new plate of food and as Tanya was walking out of the kitch
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    Font - At the end of my shift i told my boss what I saw and he had a talk with Tanya afterwards. Now everyone i work with knows that I did this, since my boss told Tanya that i saw her spit on the food. They're all calling me a snitch. Tanya herself calls me "the snitch" if she ever has to refer to me, she no longer speaks to me at all. I believe even my boss isn't happy that I "snitched", though he hasn't said anything directly. I just feel a whole different vibe from him now.
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    Facial expression - It's gotten to the point where i basically lost all of my work friends due to snitching. Il'm not sure they will ever get over this because of how legitimately upset everyone is. I'm considering finding a new job because it has gotten so bad. Am i the talked to Tanya privately and not told her boss? for "snitching"? Should i have just 6.9k 911 ↑, Share
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    Smile - You waited until the END of your shift? You didn't call her out on it right then and there and let the customer eat that? ESH. You're just as bad. G Reply 4.0k 3 ...
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    Font - ESH, them for obvious reasons. You, for not telling the costumer before they ate it. Report them if you can. G Reply 963 ...
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    Font - ESH you suck for waiting until the end of your shift to speak up and not saying anything before the customer ate their food. Tanya sucks for obvious reasons G Reply 341 3 ...
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    Font - brokedman45•3d ESH You should have called it out immediately. Maybe even purposefully in front of customers. She deserves to be fired for what she did. Also... who tf orders fries and a baked potato? G Reply 4 54 3 ...
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    Font - uhh YTA for letting the customer eat the food she spit in, you shouldn't have waited until the end of your shift. let the customer yell at her G Reply 4 28 3 ...
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    Font - ESH You suck for waiting until after she served it to say something. Tanya sucks for obvious reasons. Your manager sucks for not firing her, outing you for reporting it, and allowing you to be bullied. G Reply ...
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    Font - DataVSLore007 • 2d So let me get this straight. You saw your coworker spit on a customer's food in the middle of a global pandemic, and you let her serve the food anyway? You should have stopped that then and there. ESH. None of you should be working in food service. G Reply ...
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    Font - Star_Phoenix777 • 2d ESH Why didn't you stop her AT THAT MOMENT?! I get maybe the manager not being there at that moment, but the fact YOU saw it and still let her take that food to the customer is inexcusable. Meanwhile Tanya is nasty, vindictive piece of work and your boss sucked at handling this. G Reply ...
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    Font - knittedjedi · 2d ESH. She spat in someone's food but you let someone eat it. G Reply
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    Facial expression - seaturtle3121• 3d NTA. You absolutely should have told. Your manager shouldn't have told her who told though. And she should have been fired. G Reply ...


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