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Good Vibes Only: 20 Wholesome Animal Memes

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    Dog - My mom, who was My dad, who is an orphan shunned and abused by her parent Me, receiving unconditional love and affection from them made with Love

    It's amazing to hear that two people who have gotten some of the worst cards possible when it comes to family have decided to give their kid a childhood better than theirs. It really does make you think about your family and how much you should be grateful to them and everything that they give you. 

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    Plant - me still loving him unconditionally my quiet and distant grandpa

    And similarly here - reminding us that just because a family member isn't as outwardly affectionate, that does not mean that they love you any less or that you should love them any less. Consider texting a family member today and telling them that you love them. There's a chance that it'll make their day. 

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    Photograph - my gf working late on a tough project me coming over to give her a kiss
  • 4
    Dog - Me : How are you doing that? Girlfriend : Doing what? Me : Being so beautiful She Ме
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  • 5
    Cat - When you win an arcade game and the lights start flashing
  • 6
    Dog - ATRADE OFFERA i receive: Good boy you receive: Unconditional Love
  • 7
    Organism - Me coming out as aromantic My parents not understanding how someone can not feel romantic attraction, but still supporting me
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  • 8
    Cat - me walking out of class after a test knowing I passed because I studied hard all week
  • 9
    Organism - Using drinking and smoking to cope with anxiety and insomnia and work stress Getting an at home elliptical, paying attention to health, and having less anxiety and insomnia
  • 10
    Nose - 5 year old me when grandma says I'm cute 20 year old me when grandma says I'm handsome
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  • 11
    Cat - When you have made the best out of your day, and feel accomplished inner peace
  • 12
    Carnivore - a compliment I got 9 years ago me
  • 13
    Cat - my girlfriend lifting my mood me who had a bad day at work
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  • 14
    Cat - My mom Big me little me my old mom
  • 15
    Cat - When I'm angry but my gf finds a way to make me laugh
  • 16
    Footwear - Me My bf finally accepting my complements
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  • 17
    Photograph - When the waiter finally brings your food
  • 18
    Cat - When you're havin a hard time but someone you love is there for u
  • 19
    Cat - Me protecting my lil brother because he's scared of the thunder:
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  • 20
    Dog - When someone forces you to go out and you actually have fun

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