Couple Blackmailed By Groom's Mother For Refusing To Invite Sleazy Uncle To Wedding

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    Smile - Posted by u/callmewilma 1 day ago AITA for refusing to let my partner be blackmailed by his parents for not inviting a hated uncle to our wedding?

    I bet there are plenty of posts about weddings in the Reddit 'Am I The A**hole' Group. Even though weddings are meant to be about two people celebrating their love for one another, many people end up making it about themselves - including family members, unfortunately.  

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    Font - This is my first reddit post! After being together -10yrs, my partner, K (M25) and I (F25) have finally decided to plan our wedding. I've never dreamt of my wedding, I'm generally unbothered about the details, just a nice day. I'm slowly getting excited after confirming our venue and date last week. On Saturday, we discussed it with K's family and his mum asked 'are you inviting Uncle P?" Uncle P is just the worst. I've met him 3 times, he's in US and we're UK. But he makes my skin crawl

    I haven't even heard anything about Uncle P, but I already hate him. If OP says he's the worst, then I'm sure he's the worst. There's enough sleazy uncles to go around, and this wedding would be well-off without this shady Uncle P there to ruin it. 

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    Font - K truly hates him for the all the devastation and manipulative behaviour to his family. Most notably, stealing £££££ from his parents for his lifestyle and failing business, cheating and being a general unpleasant alcoholic. He had also never been an Uncle to K, they haven't spoken in years. K refuses to invite him, his very presence would just make him angry and upset. I suggested a pity invite to keep his mum happy, but he didn't accept just in case he did turn up. Back to Saturday, I r
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    Font - K refuses to invite him, his very presence would just make him angry and upset. I suggested a pity invite to keep his mum happy, but he didn't accept just in case he did turn up. Back to Saturday, I replied truthily with no we"re not sorry. I wasn't going to give her false hope. Today we found out she's been crying. Threatening they won't talk to us if we don't invite him. Saying itll break up her family. They won't come to the wedding. Threatened to not gift us wedding money (we're not f
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    Handwriting - It's now become more than just a silly invite for me. The easy route would just to cave, but I've had so much of my life ruined and dictated by other people that I'm not willing to let K be blackmailed like this. So am I the asshole?
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    Handwriting - geeseinuniform Asshole Aficionado [17] 1 day ago NTA, good on you for standing up for your SO and yourself and your big day. Mumsy will get over it or is showing her true colours.
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    Font - PervySageCS 1 day ago Not inviting the uncle will ruin the family but the mom threatening to stop contact with them will not. The logic there... "Your actions will break the family. Do as I say or I'll break the family". She clearly put the uncle above her own son. She made her choice. Fuck her
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    Font - FuckUGalen Colo-rectal Surgeon [33] 1 day ago · edited 18 hours ago NTA - and sit down children old Mrs FuckUGalen has a short story time. About 9 years 8 months and 11 days ago +1 year, I also was planning a wedding with my parents pushing me to invite relatives I didn't want at my wedding. "They won't come" my parents said. "They will send cash or good gifts" my parents said. Well children, the did come, they did not bring gifts. They did however bring children (to my adult child free w
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    Font - Permit-Extreme-117 1 day ago Be blunt and then say you aren't discussing it further. "MIL, we have no relationship with Uncle P and we will not be blackmailed into inviting a rude and inappropriate alcoholic to our wedding. We are only inviting people we are close to, and we are not close to him. If you want to miss your sons wedding, over a man he's had no contact with for over 3(?) years, that's your choice. We will greatly miss you if you do that, but we have our guest list and Uncle P
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    Rectangle - Bubblegrime Partassipant [1] 1 day ago NTA - it's your wedding, not a restorative family therapy session.
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    Human body - Tickle_The_Grundle Partassipant [1] 1 day ago NTA at all. If all the stuff Uncle P did didn't "break up the family" then the family will survive this too. It's really just manipulation to get what they want. Tell them to care about their son or fuck off.
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    Font - _exist_damn_you Partassipant [1] 1 day ago What the hell is it with people thinking they get a say in who a couple invites to their wedding? If you are not one of the people getting married you do not get to decide who gets an invitation. If it's so bad that you'll threaten to not go then good riddance. Have your fiance blackmail and manipulate her right back. "If you truly loved me and wanted my wedding to be a joyous occasion then you wouldn't ask me to invite someone I can't stand." An

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