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    Font - galesofnovember Yesterday at the foster clinic there was a woman with a litter of tiny, tiny kittens, one of whom was a beautiful orange and white creamsicle. I told her, "I love orange boy cats, they are all so stupid." and the foster mom said to me, with tears of love in her eyes, face glowing with maternal pride, "He is only 6 days old and I can already tell that he's going to be so stupid!" Source: galesofnovember 207,307 notes

    Listen, we just love cats. All cats. Smart cats. Stupid cats. Orange cats. Any color cats. But, we can't help but have an extra soft spot for stupid orange cats, or stupid cats of any color really, they are just too adorable for this world with their ridiculous little stupid-cat shenanigans. We love them so much. 

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    Font - uchidachi I always see people asking, "How do I choose a kitten that will become a loving and outgoing adult cat?" Here is my foolproof, never-fail method: • Step 1: Go to your local animal shelter. • Step 2: Adopt a loving and outgoing adult cat. Source: uchidachi 58,096 notes

    And this is, of course, an ode to senior cats who deserve love just as much as any kitten in the shelter. We have an additional soft spot in our hearts saved for anyone who decides to adopt a senior cat - or a disabled cat or a cat with behavioral issues. Spreading cat love all around, that's what we wanna do. 

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    Rectangle - evilsupplyco When a black cat crosses your path, say "thank you" and pet it if it is in the mood for attention. Source: evilsupplyco 38,001 notes
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    Cat - bloggersremorse This is the kindest expression I've ever seen in my life no one has ever looked at me with this much empathy and understanding coolcatgroup I would die for this cat 177,688 notes ... emamnd morty
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    Product - WAS THE BASTARD FED TODAY ?!?!? ン THUR FRI AT SUN MON TUES WED シマ NG Fucied up loloftheday Our cat had all four roommates feeding him each day because he acted like he was starving and we didn't know that the other roommate already fed him. This was our solution, hopefully he wilI slim down a bit. Source: loloftheday 307,745 notes
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    Head - sulfade a little girl from china covered a cat on the street with leaves because she was afraid that the cat would catch a cold B epiloque i hope this girl is having a great day i think about her a lot candiikismet And he just accepted her love. Source: sulfade 155,728 notes
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    Organism - scottishcookie you know whats really good? when black cats are drawn like this thats really good thanks for coming to my ted talk 178,475 notes Oct 24th, 2020
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    Brown - ュン9 <ん 37 32 cm 59 KS 50cm -> 74 c meowgon the vet measured junta on sunday, and as we were leaving the assistant said "he wrote down the measurements for you" and passed me this meowgon delighted that this post has lived on in people's hearts Source: meowgon 72,351 notes
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    Cat - awwww-cute My cats kittens have found a new cozy bed.. In a cup holder jevvitch NO Source: awwww-cute 197,561 notes ...
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    Cat - CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE ror Being d cat Anoledgrert of Outtanding Achievenent ShoPc at t15 Dec 2017 Sged cutecornflakes The Cutest Employee at My Local Game Store Finally Got Recognition thefingerfuckingfemalefury About timel Source: cuteconflakes 27,216 notes May 6th, 2019
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    Cat - GIFSBOOM.ne GIFSBOOM.ne ladynehemah Anyone who says animals have no real emotions has obviously never spent any time with one. liftingandcats i want to crryyyyyyy #gif 1,068,228 notes ...
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    Rectangle - oolathurman cat on bed: [sneezes] cat on floor. [jumps in surprise] Source: dutchstore 402,129 notes
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    Handwriting - sees cat being naughty and scoops him up: This is a disciplinary hug. Do not derive joy from it. naughty cat: purrs loudly Source: kelbots 319,038 notes
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    Plant - stunningpicture Our cat waits outside every morning to be with my son when he waits for the bus. 323,263 notes ...

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