Surprisingly Simple Things Which Can Make Someone That Much More Attractive

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    Font - •• • r/AskReddit u/__A33A3317_SLAYER__ • 5h What simple things can make someone much more attractive? 4 91 ↑, Share 139

    It was Reddit user u/ who asked people what simple things can make someone much more attractive. Maybe the true things we are attracted to are not as complex as we think. It seems people were eager to contribute since there were over 100 responses in only a few hours.

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    Font - Z ZamboniJunction · 5h Basic hygiene. Nobody cares about your "great personality" if they can't stand close enough to you to find out. 6 Reply ↑ 161

    Okay, but who defines what basic hygiene is..? Just kidding, I actually agree that a daily shower can go a long way. You don't have to go the whole nine yards, exfoliating, masking and what-not. Just make sure ur pits don't reek.

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    Sky - Dukecannon007 · 5h Confidence. Decent haircut. Well fitting clothing. Easy smiles and laughter. G Reply 4 51
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    Sky - boulomai_mathein · 5h 31 Award A desire to learn about all sorts of things 6 Reply 4 63 3
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    Font - Intransigente • 5h Lot of good suggestions in here already, but I don't see any mentions of posture. Chin up shoulders back, good posture is the difference between Clark Kent and Superman! G Reply 4 48 3
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    Font - casey4190 · 5h Personality. I will go for the guy with chub over the guy with the six pack. As long as he has an amazing personality that makes me feel at home then It's an easy decision G Reply 4 35 3
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    Font - MisterBigDude · 5h A pleasant attitude. G Reply q 40 3
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    Sky - CoffeeAddict1011 · 5h Put their phone down when having a conversation G Reply 4 27 3
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    Font - lucy668 · 5h True kindness G Reply 合 16
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    Sky - riffraff12000 •5h Confidence. She's bad and knows she is makes her just that much more irresistible. G Reply 企 22
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    Sky - kianabreeze • 5h People who are funny, if they can make me laugh instantly more attractive to me G Reply 4 23 3
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    Font - Mediocre_Fee3026 · 5h Eye contact and genuine interest. I think when speaking to someone it is important to provide eye contact, in means of respect and honestly it boasts confidence. But when in the setting of dating/relationships, eye contact and being genuinely interested in conversation can make someone over the top attractive 6 Reply
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    Font - brumagem · 3h A well-trimmed beard. It shows you can take care of yourself and it makes up for even the weakest of chins. 6 Reply
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    Font - healthymind2 · 2h I dont know if this is considered simple, but smelling nice helps. When I'm sitting next to a girl who smells nice, I just can't stop thinking about her. G Reply
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    Product - rosrix • 2h Teeth! And no indont care l'd they're crooked bc that's nor your fault but l'd you look like you brush your teeth twice a year or never then I find it hard to look at you bc all I'm staring at is your teeth and wondering if your breath smells like morning breath 24/7 or if it's a world breaker smell and smells like a possum stuff in a deer and boiled for 9 hours G Reply

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