Most Ridiculous Things People Ever Wrote About Women

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    So apparently, girls can’t wear pants

    Font - 17h Pants were invented for men, not women. It's impossible for a woman to wear pants (jeans, yoga pants, dress pants, leggings, dungarees, etc) without sexualizing her body, since they highlight her legs, curves, and rear end. Women who want to be modest should not own pants at all. 8,103 L1 359 2,163 Replying to That's a lot of words for "nobody will fuck me". 10:23 AM 02 Aug 19 · Twitter for Android
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    Hear that, extroverted girls? You lost your soul

    Font - A woman who has lost her shyness has already lost her soul. 8:07 PM · 2021-01-14 · Twitter Web App 2 Likes
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    Let’s hope Lucifer has a big party planned for 2021.

    Font - 5 mins ago • O2.2k A woman does not become a nurse because she wishes to give. She becomes one because she wishes to control. Nursing degrees are one of the easiest to acquire, yet bestow vast authority-and unearned privilege-on the graduate. Most importantly, they bestow power over men without the hassle of pregnancy or child-rearing. It is a profession for barren, vicious control freaks, and Lucifer rejoices in every new nurse he creates.
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    Wow, and I never even knew

    Product - ay 26 at 10:17 AM · 6 If she wears a backpack instead of a purse then she's GAY. O Like Comment A Share
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    I’m no expert but I think it’s because it hurts????

    Jaw - Yeah but child birth gives women orgasms, why do you think they scream like that. 6 Reply -9
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    Ladies, be warned about the power of ankle bracelets

    Leg - i repeat this againe wearing ankle chain is the sign of lesbian or prostitude,
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    Someone please explain to me why men are so insistent on making claims and assumptions about spaces they've never been in?!

    Font - · Apr 5 I don't want a nicer body for men I want a nicer body so I can sit in my room alone and look at it 458 27 84.7K 486.4K Replying to The more y'all say this the less I believe it... funny thing, girls from same sex schools don't make an effort with their looks coz there's no boys there 3:19 PM · Apr 6, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Btw this guy still believes that arranged marriages are the way to go

    Organism - Fathers used to assist in selecting a groom for her daughter because women are fickle and have poor judgement. 7:13 PM · 2020-12-04 · Twitter for Android
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    Pollution is everywhere nowadays

    Forehead - Ohuokun Menstruation is called "period" because back in the day when women's bodies weren't as polluted, all it was, was a tiny dot.
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    Something tells me this person has never had a girlfriend

    Joint - Awomen offering you her scented lotion isa subconscious mating strategy to signal to other women you' ve been claimed. PURE SEDUCTION VORATING BODY LO LOON HYDRATANT CORPORELLE
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    Yeah sure buddy, 15 guys

    Organism - being a girl must be so easy, all u do is cry all day and text 15 different guys 6:03 am · 15/6/20 · Twitter for iPhone 19.6K Retweets 143K Likes
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    Uh, no we aren't....

    Font - Men, Women are always evaluating your masculinity like a radar sending waves. They are observing you, even from a distance as to what kind of man you are. Play along to your advantage. 8:55 AM · Jan 26, 2021 · Twitter Web App 2 Likes
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    You’ve heard it here folks...I guess lesbian sex don’t exist

    Font - l Verizon 6:31 PM © 59% Replies 18 hours ago Homosexual females can't physiologically have sex with each other though. 凸2 9 hours ago bruh...what? 凸2 5 hours ago You heard me. Lesbians can't have sex. They have exaggerated foreplay. 4 hours ago If you think sex = penetration then im so sorry for your partners 凸2 4 hours ago If you think sex isn't penetration then I feel sorry for you. You must have an big delusion. + Home Explore Subscriptions Library ... ... ..
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    Save women from our inability to social distance!

    Font - 28m I think we men can deal with social distancing, because we can survive on our passions, careers, hobbies alone. Meanwhile women need relationships like water and oxygen, for most women this quarantine is a real burden. Girl from your screens is getting crazy. Reply Vote
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    Does he think women would just strut around butt naked without men?

    Jaw - Women have never been modest or had self respect when left to their own devices. 1d Haha

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