I Can Has Cheezburger?

Funny Tumblr Posts That Are All About Dogs

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    Font - whatevernatureis my dog: this water no good,, it is too gross. it has bin here in this here water bowl too long for an hour... that... is to long for it to be dranken.. also my dog: this poddle... in the road. it is.. so. refreshing. Source: whatevernatureis 307,322 notes ...

    Listen, they have standards and they know what they want. And if they want some dirty puddle water, it's because they know that dirty puddle water is more fun, and they will have a better time drinking it. Don't argue with their logic. Just make sure they don't grab anything funny out of that puddle lol.

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    Wheel - luketriton why is sick as a dog a saying why are dogs so sick 698-5519 look at this sick dog Source: prOgf0x-archiveseeya 375,349 notes

    This is indeed one sick dog. So cool. Very chilly. Practically biting. If any dog deserves the title of Cool Dog, it's this one. But let's be real, all dogs deserve the title of cool and sick dogs because all dogs are amazing no matter what, and they are all cool in our hearts, even if they're the biggest goofballs. 

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    Water - big-nose-seal this isn't the dog park 607,679 notes
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    Font - barebacking a strip club but instead of naked women its cute dogs that you give dog treats to for them to do tricks gideonjura beggin strip club Source: barebacking 445,974 notes
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    Wood - dogaesthetics HI IT ME DOG Source: dogaesthetics 18,607 notes
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    Font - 00000 Sprint ? 7:24 PM 12%O Tweet Chihuahua Dad @sirjoshofmosh I work noon to afternoon.. Bust my butt day n nite.. My hands look like this, so hers can look like this.. 8/21/15, 5:13 PM 34.1K RETWEETS 47.6K LIKES Reply to Chihuahua Dad, feliz naviGAB Home Notifications Moments Messages Me powerburial What does noon to afternoon mean? lilyholyfuck 12:00-12:01 He dips his hands in wet cement and then goes home. He does this every day. Just for his dog. wholesome-memes-only How thoughtful S
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    Dog - RA THE I. squigglydigg Somebody gave our mascot statue a tennis ball. penroseparticle good he deserves it tiffanarchy he is a good boy Source: squigglydigglydoo 290,369 notes ...
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    Font - scottishtwitter M @milicopeland_ A told this lassie sat next to me on the bus her guide dog was braw and she went "aw I wouldny Ken "a choked on ma irn bru, pure splutterin peridottea91 Translation: I told this girl sent next to me on the bus that her guide dog was cute and she said "Aw I wouldn't know" and I choked on my coffee happyhumannoises I think this is the first one of these that i literally couldn't understand a damn thing written Source: scottishtwitter 87,797 notes ...
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    Azure - yeehawlw my mum's taking my dog to get his nuts removed today can you get them to weigh vinnie's nuts NO okay then can you get them to weigh him before and after so we can figure out how heavy they were He weighed 6kg this morning yeehawlw outcome unclear He's 2lbs heavier than before surgery the surgeon didn't understand the instructions and they gave him more nuts instead Source: yeehawlw 112,892 notes ...
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    Font - snapchatting girl are you a fire hydrant because that dog is peeing on you 78,195 notes 。包2
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    Sleeve - alert WHAT DO U CALL A DOG THATS A MAGICIAN alert A LABRACADABRADOR... the-selfie-of-dorian-gray un magichien themarginistoosmall #France wins this round improbablenormality 229,177 notes 仅2 ...
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    Photograph - tumblrsloth #CLEARLY REBLOGGING FOR RDJ'S FACE A DEAD. 1,062,886 notes Oct 10th, 2020 ...
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    Dog - petkota A day in the adventurous life of Uni the Shiba Inu standupbard save him you fucking coward standupbard "oh my beautiful dog is in mortal peril. what will i do? i know, i'll grab the camera" fucking millennials. Source: petkota 68,895 notes ...

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