I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (22 Images)

  • 1

    "Meet Clara and Oliver!"

    Cat - BUT TOU

    "Clara just adopted Oliver from a local rescue. She said he sits on the tray of her walker while she walks around and he sleeps with her every night! This is the sweetest picture I've ever seen!"

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  • 2

    "Bosco was kicked out by his owners"


    "Bosco was kicked out by his owners when he got "old" and my friend took him in as a very neglected stray, made the owners/neighbors formally surrender and are now giving him his best life in old age."

  • 3

    "My foster dog had never been indoors before. This is her first nap, on a bed, in a home."

  • 4

    "Her owners wanted to euthanise her because she wasn’t friendly enough. My vet said no and called me. Ruby is the best decision I made last year."

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  • 5

    "One day after adopting our 14 week old ragamuffin and he owns the place"

  • 6

    "I grew up with pets, my boyfriend did not. I wanted a kitten, my boyfriend did not. We compromised and got a kitten. This is them her first night home."

  • 7

    "Meet Dooks the basset hound. So excited to bring him home today"

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  • 8

    "My new dog, Ellie"

    Dog - VL
  • 9

    "Bringing my very first kitten home! Safe to say he feels comfy :)"

  • 10

    "Meet Olaf, our sweet boy!"

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  • 11

    "They said she was a normal cat when we adopted her but I’m still not convinced."

  • 12

    "This is Arlo, my first ever pet at 27 y.o. I love him so much"

  • 13

    "Romeo is going to his forever home today. He is a part of the 130 cats rescued from a hoarder. Hopefully we can get the others into homes too."

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  • 14

    "This baby had been returned to the shelter by previous adopters..I will never understand how someone couldn’t want him. He is the best companion and he is my best friend <3"

    Joint - RERLY E
  • 15

    "Last year today he ate mouse poison. The doctor gave him low chance of survival. Here he is now! We have one lucky boy!"

  • 16

    "Today Henry got adopted. In celebration here is some pictures of him doing his thing."

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  • 17

    "My baby, Ozzy on his 2nd day at his new home"

  • 18

    "Me and my sister were walking down a street and someone came up to us with a box with these cute things in it and was like you want some kittens? And I said yep without asking my parents... My dad was mad but it was worth it"

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  • 19

    "Meet Brownie! After years of wanting, I finally got a best friend!"

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  • 20

    "My new white Himalayan kitten Zara"

  • 21

    "just picked up my very first family of fosters!"

  • 22

    "Meet Millie. Our new Ukrainian Levkoy hairless cat."


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