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Ways Cats Show Love To Their Humans (Facebook Comments)

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    Cat - Top Fan Taramay Curtis They really love you if they do what my girls do, "potty patrol", supervised potty time. Like really they gotta stare at me the whole time..lol OD 15

    They are simply trying to make sure that you do not drown, human, you do not understand. Sitting on this strange water bowl for minutes at a time... smh, they are doing you a favor by watching you and making sure that you're safe, and you're treating their hard work with so much disrespect. Unbelievable. 

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    Cat - Allison Brooke Nunnally My baby slow blinks, follows me like a shadow and rubs all over me so I have her scent. She also flips over on her belly to say hello when I've been gone. Love her 34

    Okay, now this is just wholesome. We do you have to show off like that? Lol, to get my cat to turn over onto her back like that, I must perform miracles. Or give her catnip. Either one would do, but catnip seems to be the easier, more fun option, for everyone involved. 

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    Brown - Tom Thibou The eye contact gets kinda creepy sometimes 6.
  • 4
    Smile - John Walck Mine lets me live from day to day so I can feed her. I guess that's as close to love as I'm getting but can't expect too much from a rescued feral. Like · Reply Message 1d
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    Cat - Joanna Stephens This big Mama's boy likes to sleep koalaed around my arm. OD 6
  • 6
    Human body - Suraya Sabbaruddin You left out Love bites. Which is not always so fun but it happens. Tiny nips when she's rubbing against my leg or face 9. Like · Reply Message 1d
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    Dog - Tina Christen So much love in this house. I can take my cats on a walk around town. No leash, they'll just follow me. O Every time I moved to a new appartement, I was confident to let them outside after a day or two, because they never go too far or too long and come right back to me. Like · Reply · Message 1d
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  • 8
    Font - Emma Louise Terry-Howe Since l've been pregnant my cat does not leave me alone. It gets kinda annoying at 3am when I'm peeing but I love it really s Maybe she's a midwife? 14 Like · Reply · Message 1d
  • 9
    Cat - Paul O'Neil When I wasnt home much due to the quarentine, she would always sleep near me. Now that I am home all the time that has reduced, but she still climbs up on my chest when I go to bed. She will show the belly but not to have it scratched of combed. 1 Like · Reply · Message 1d
  • 10
    Wood - Angela Gregory Haag Kaiser will let you touch his awesomely fluffy belly 2 Like Reply · Message 1d
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  • 11
    Cat - Gail Palmer Hicks When I ask Cinder Ella, "Do you love the momma?" she presses the top of her head against my face and purrs. It melts my heart.
  • 12
    Cat - Alex Koenen My girl loves to climb on my lap when l'm on the toilette. I'm not allowed to move anymore when she's cuddely 8
  • 13
    Cat - Casandra Cassy James This boy isn't mine, but since I moved in with his owners, he's adopted me. He announces when he enters my room, and starts to loudly purr as soon as he knows l'm in there and see him. Our house also has dogs, so he doesn't follow me anywhere the dogs are, but he will try to get me to come back to my room, which he knows is safe. 16
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  • 14
    Cat - Kami Rose My cat is most always right in my face or in my lap 8
  • 15
    Cat - Paul Jones He only loves me because I rub his head and give him foodzzz O 28

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