I Can Has Cheezburger?

Bone-Lickin' Good And Fresh Doggo Memes

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    Dog - Now that the snow is melting I've finally figured out where all my socks have gone

    Can't fault the dog for using the environment like this. This is a smart dog. It's just... not smart enough to understand that snow is not forever and eventually, he will be caught. And boy, does it look like he knows he was caught. Poor boy must have been worried. We hope he got a snack for all his good work. 

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    Dog - Me: "I'm not clingy!!" Also me, when someone shows me the slightest bit of attention:

    There is no shame in needing some extra love sometimes. And you know what? A dog is the best place to look for that extra love and affection. They give love all the time and completely unconditionally, and that is only one of the reasons that we love dogs as much as we do. 

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    Nose - Humans: "Want to go for a wa-“ Dogs:
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    Dog - Two drunk corgies high on milk
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    Water - When you got the "rescue dog" job, but you lied on your resume.
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    Road surface - Hey guys did I mention I live on a fucking weird island and sometimes land crabs with 8-inch claws try to get into my house scotchtapeofficial cute puppy what breed is he purified-zone sideways
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    Dog - What kind of plant is this and where can I get one?
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    Photograph - Everytime my dad goes anywhere, Bagel sits in his recliner, sad af, waiting for him to come back. Why is he so dramatic?
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    Dog - T ighly doubt he's qualified but l'll give him a shot Meet our Mortgage Adviser Caf dy
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    Dog - Uncle Duke @UncleDuke1969 "This place is making me very uncomfortable, Jessica." SMURED SAUSAGES CA 3FOR£9 VENISON WLD BOAR BEEF SPICY PORK 5:57 PM · 10/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Automotive parking light - * Father Drinks McGee ¥ @drinksmcgee The Canadian Cerberus Translate Tweet 6:03 AM · 4/3/21 · Twitter for Android
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    Face - When my dog finally accepts he's not getting table food and goes to eat his dog food. The garbage will dol mematic & Venor
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    Footwear - Aohtestund This assistance dog with its pig plushy after a long workday
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    Dog - Growing up is difficult
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    Dog - DOG: LET'S GO FOR A WALK ME: It's raining out. DOG:I WANNA GO FOR A WALK ME: It's too wet, buddy- DOG:
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    Dog - u thought was panda but am doggo heckin bamboozled get it, bamboo? heheheheheh k bye

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