Lazy Wolves Howling Is The Most Awwdorable Thing (Video)

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We all love wolves, that's a fact. Wolves act like goofy overgrown puppies, so of course we love them. For some reason, there are so many bad scary stereotypes attached to dogs, but we, as animal lovers, know better. Wolves only look scary because they are unexpectedly huge, especially in comparison to dogs. 

They're also lazy - just like us lol. Howling is important though, even when you're lazy and don't feel like it. I mean, we all have to get up and do things even when we don't want to. So, we do them lazily. And these wolves' lazy howls are the cutest , most amusing thing we've heard all day. We absolutely had to share it with you guys, and it'll be something that you'll want to show to any wolf hater out there to change their minds. 

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