Costco Parking Lot Drama Results In Petty Revenge

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    Font - r/pettyrevenge u/nedragb • 37d + JOIN 1 3 2 A lady almost hit the front of my car trying to pull into a parking spot I was turning into so I just sat there. So l'm at Costco, in need of dog food, and it's ridiculously busy for a Monday. Barely any parking spots until I spot one at the end of the lot. I make my way down the aisle, and am about to turn into the parking spot when a lady RUNS OVER THE CURB and almost hits me to take the spot. Thankfully I tapped my brakes in time or she would
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    Font - I look up and she is shaking her head and wagging her finger in a “no" motion at me. Wtf? | was like okay l'll just wait for her to back up since I'm obviously turning into the spot. She doesn't. My girlfriend is with me and was pissed that the lady wasn't budging. I gave her my Costco card and just sat in the aisle in a face off with this lady. She goes inside, gets the dog food, comes back out, and loads up the car. She then pushes the cart into the spot we were waiting for and hops in
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    Font - Edit: 1. I'm a girl. We're lesbians. 2. She is marry worthy. My ride or die bad 3. Our Costco doesn't give a sh whose card it is, as long as they have a card. 4. It was the end of a parking section, with a curb to the right. No, she wasn't waiting before me. She jumped the curb within the 10 seconds I was pulling in.
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    Font - 5. My girlfriend called me when she got in Costco and stayed on the phone until she got out. Total of 14 minutes in our parking lot stand off. 6. People did pull up behind me but backed out as soon as they figured out I wasn't moving for shit. 7. To whoever said they sale dog food in 100lb increments and I'm an asshole for making my girlfriend walk it to the car, it was a 30lb bag and she used a cart, hence the cart she moved into the spot. 8. Thanks for the gold.
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    Font - do_theknifefight · 1y During shopping around (or maybe on) Black Friday, I went to the mall and found someone backing out of their spot and stopped to wait for them. Another car came from the other side, better poised to take the spot because of the direction the car was pulling out to. But as soon as they reversed far enough to see the other car, they changed directions so I would be sure to get the spot. It was a holiday miracle. 1 276 ...
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    Rectangle - wow ThaneOfCawdorrr · 1y This is an extremely good petty revenge. It involves the high-level "sitting in your car stolidly" skill, as well as the rare "you ain't gonna get this easily" cart move, and definitely should qualify for the Petty Olympics. 1 179 ...
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    Font - pedroeddie · 1y I was in a similar situation, 3 days before Christmas. After circling the parking lot of a major So Cal shopping center I found a space. Waited for the current occupant to vacate with my turn signal flashing and this a-hole on the opposite side swoops into the space. He gets out of the car and high 5's his buddy and gives me a thumbs up. I circled for another 5 minutes. Before securing a spot. It was one of those days we get in So California winter, severe clear and around


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