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Freshly Dug Doggo Memes For Those Having A Ruff Day

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    Photograph - "Sorry I'm late, guys. The sitter called in sick."

    Nothing like an inadvertent take your kids to work day! this hard working sheep herder decided to take the opportunity to show his little ones a thing or two about a hard days work. Wholesome doggo goodness. 

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    Clothing - When u ask ur dog what they have in their mouth

    Only dog owners will understand the overwhelming feeling of panic when they catch their dog chewing on an unknown object. RIP to my computer charger, my hairbrush, and my airpods. Oh well, at least I can laugh about it now! 

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    Photograph - Me: bro stop, I don't wanna pLAY My dog:
  • 4
    Fawn - When your human accidentally steps on your foot I will remember this betrayal
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  • 5
    Sky - Dad: *doesnt want dog* Family: *gets dog anyway* Dad and Dog
  • 6
    Dog - Just 4 dads doing dad stuff being dads
  • 7
    Product - He making sure he gets picked Tel lel
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  • 8
    Dog - theBARB @brittdabarbb my dog is a weirdo bro. <>
  • 9
    Vertebrate - When you pet a dog and the owner says, "Wow, he doesn't usually let strangers do that"
  • 10
    Head - dogmemes 6 year old me telling my dog that if he speaks to me I will keep the secret My dog
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  • 11
    Dog - "Ok I'll go to sleep after this video" Me 4 hours later: @doggosdoingthings Chihuahua goes crazy when you say diarrhea 6.2M views · 5 years ago
  • 12
    Hand - When you get up and your dog immediately takes your spot on the couch: and I took that personally
  • 13
    Dog - When your owner calls u and you can't contain your zooms because you love them
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  • 14
    Dog - This dog is trained to hunt cuties
  • 15
    Dog - when u tryna snap a nice pic and it flips to the front facing camera
  • 16
    Dog - When my dog wants attention he gently bites a piece of furniture, holds perfectly still, and makes aggressive eye contact. It's pretty weird and very funny. Also it works.
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  • 17
    Dog - graham @GrahamB47 poor little dude doesn't know his entire life is getting reviewed rn ernedoodle Review m Murphy · 94K views 2 years ago
  • 18
    Green - Me: takes the last bite of my ice cream cone without sharing. My dog:
  • 19
    Light - When I try to cook something for myself IG @hornyshrimp
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  • 20
    Furniture - dogmemes date: you told me you were interesting? me: i said i was 'into resting'

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