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Forever Awwdorable Thoughts Of Dog For A Better Day (Tweets)

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    Font - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings just a heads up. i will be running around the house. as fast as possible. for the next 15 seconds. i will have no regard for furniture. or any individuals in my way. when i am done. do not ask me why i have done this. because i do not know 1:49 AM - Mar 3, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 13.8K Retweets 1,265 Quote Tweets 173K Likes

    Honestly, despite the destruction and madness that occurs during these insane unexpected bursts of energy, we live for these moments. The pure joy emanating from these puppers is everything that we love. We want them to feel happy and comfortable enough to do this. It's worth having to buy a new couch tbh lol.

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    Product - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings ... WE ARE AT THE PARK. AND I WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO GET MUDDY. BUT I AM SO MUDDY. IT IS IMPORTANT. TO SET REALISTIC GOALS 8:34 PM Mar 13, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 7,630 Retweets 394 Quote Tweets 132.4K Likes

    Impossible to argue with such rational thoughts. Who could ever possibly resist such a perfectly jumpable puddle? It's just so appealing and not dirty at all. They will hate the shower afterwards, most likely, but hey, at least they had fun lol, and isn't that all that matters? 

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    Organism - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings ... once again. i have gone undrafted in the puppy bowl. i feel as though both teams. have missed an opportunity in me. but i still wish them the best. in their game today. i will be watching from the couch 8:04 PM - Feb 7, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 5,430 Retweets 154 Quote Tweets 94.3K Likes
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    Organism - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings i do not know. how to do my taxes 1:42 AM - May 18, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 8,509 Retweets 699 Quote Tweets 99.2K Likes
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    Font - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings i have misplaced my name tag. it must have fallen off during my walk earlier. i am now completely unidentifiable. i can be whoever i want. i am mysterious 2:00 AM - May 13, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 6,054 Retweets 260 Quote Tweets 116.9K Likes
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    Organism - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings ... when i was much younger. the human came with me to get my shots. they held my paw. and everything was alright. today. i'm riding along as they get theirs. i don't think they will need to hold my paw. but i will be here just in case 7:06 PM - Apr 28, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 12.4K Retweets 1,040 Quote Tweets 142.4K Likes
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    Font - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings ... every single night. i try to convince the human. they forgot to give me my dinner. and sometimes. they get so confused. they start to believe me 2:15 AM Apr 8, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 5,073 Retweets 532 Quote Tweets 88.9K Likes
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    Organism - Thoughts of Dog®. ... @dog_feelings i am being told. we lost an hour of sleep last night. why. what is the point. my stuffed fren sebastian and i. will be sleeping an extra hour. every day. for the rest of the year. to make up for it 5:44 PM - Mar 14, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 6,162 Retweets 234 Quote Tweets 97.9K Likes
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    Font - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings i found several eggs. on my walk this morning. has anyone seen a chicken. i would like to return them 8:18 PM · Apr 4, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 5,337 Retweets 230 Quote Tweets 90.8K Likes
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    Font - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings i wasn't a good dog today april fools. i was so good 2:38 AM Apr 2, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 21.7K Retweets 688 Quote Tweets 270.7K Likes
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    Rectangle - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings once again. i am asking. for a kiss on my forehead 2:42 AM Mar 17, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 12.3K Retweets 737 Quote Tweets 127.6K Likes
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    Font - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings ... i am just going to be honest. i deserve 1 million kisses. every day 9:08 PM - Feb 26, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 13.6K Retweets 1,119 Quote Tweets 142.8K Likes
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    Font - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings here is what. i plan to accomplish today: 2. bark loudly. but at nothing 7. lose my ball under the couch 7b. politely ask the human. to get my ball 3. immediately lose it again. under the same couch 4. big nap. you have worked hard 2. repeat 7:01 PM · Feb 25, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 10.1K Retweets 1,081 Quote Tweets 112.7K Likes
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    Font - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings the human waited until TODAY. to ask me to be their valentine. it is a little insulting.. they assumed i would not have plans already. i don't. but still 7:32 PM - Feb 14, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 9,806 Retweets 340 Quote Tweets 146.8K Likes

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