I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cat Collection Of Purrection And Affection (Memes)

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    Cat - *petting my cat* please cure my depression cat: *prrbhbphr* me: thanks

    Honestly, this is not even that big of an exaggeration. The sense of calm that washes over us whenever our cat starts purring, the pure, unadulterated joy that we feel knowing how happy, calm and safe they feel is one of the best feelings in the world. Their happiness makes us happy too. 

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    Font - jade @nternetgirl "ru ok?" no but i got a cat

    Same about this one. A cat waiting for you at home is one of the best things to come back to. It's true, they're aloof and maybe they won't come meet you at the door like dogs, but when cats do give you love and affection, it feels like you've earned it. And earning this love only makes receiving it more fulfilling.

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    Table - My mom text me when are you giving us grandkids and I sent her this picture
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    Cat - Me coming out of my room every few days to get attention @cabbagocatmemes
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  • 5
    Cat - no thoughts brain scrampled egg imgflip.com
  • 6
    Human body - on my way to love u
  • 7
    Food - When you try to eat in peace. but you have a cat Fo ed Foud Fo od Fo OD Fo od F. d
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  • 9
    Font - How to Negotiate With Your Cat STEP ONE: Give your cat whatever they want. STEP TWO: End negotiation.
  • 10
    Cloud - When you're pláying P&P and your cat steps onto the battle map
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  • 11
    Hairstyle - You are not just a CAT, You are my SANITY. You are my HAPPINESS. You are my Fuck off TEACHER. You are my THERAPIST. and my BEST FRIEND.
  • 12
    Furniture - My cats talking shit about me when I'm not home
  • 13
    Facial expression - Me at a party when I find out they have a cat @meowingtonsco Hairy baby! Haaaairy..baaaaby.
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  • 14
    Product - When your friend comes over unannounced so you have no time to clean eimene Please don't tell anyone I live like this
  • 15
    Cat - me need a hug juice Enpiny 토피넛 라떼
  • 16
    Hat - in You people need to go back to work. made with mematic
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  • 17
    Output device - MATTY! BŁM! @HYPEBEASTD4N Girlfriend had surgery at the hospital today and instead of her telling me that she's alive and okay she sends this instead There's a cat in the hospital matthew Yes i know you've told me that's awesome Read 11:20 Are you okay???? Read 1117 Cat in da hospital
  • 18
    Nose - SAD
  • 19
    Cat - hvmanfilth5 Follow I only sleep 4 hours a day and look at me l'm fresh
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    Cat - I'm staying home today I have mood poisoning My Smudge Cat Memes
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  • 22
    Cat - "So, how have you been?" Me realizing I exist and people can see me: aborteddreams
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  • 23
    Cat - a girl complimenting me wondering who could ve dared her to say that me
  • 24
    Cat - When you wake up at 3am to go to the bathroom and your cat has to fulfill his obligation to watch you pee
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    Cartoon - o lo Me Our cat My girl who's into it @EricivantonovinWer
  • 27
    Shirt - Parents: We want grandkids! Me: BEST I CAN DO IS A CAT
  • 28
    Font - What would you do to me if I was there? My awkward ass: @wtfyoumemel O0 lay you down, and we'll stare at my cats.
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  • 29
    Cat - When someone starts giving you attention and you're not sure if they're just playing with your emotions
  • 30
    Hand - Me: *sees a cat* Me: Ok time for me to bother this animal

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