Nostalgic Childhood Memes That Take Us Back To Innocent Times

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    Sleeve - Growing up skinny everyone always did this to you.

    We're not sure why having the skinniest wrist was a badge of honor, but if you could get a friend to form a circle with their fingers around your wrist AND still have some space in between, it was the ultimate achievement and you were king. 

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    Motor vehicle - Brandon & A @lolimbrandon_ 10 year old me looking at the mf that honked at my mom

    When you're 10, mom can do no wrong. Sure, she can give you the wrong-shaped pasta at dinner, and tell you that you're absolutely NOT locking your little brother in the closet while you watch a movie, but dammit, if anyone messes with her, they'll have you to answer to. 

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    Vertebrate - When you're racing your sibling to the car for the front seat and your mom hasn't unlocked the door yet LET ME IN T MEINNINNNNI
  • 4
    Font - chalo @hellohaanjii all the cousins become comedians when it's time to go to sleep
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  • 5
    Forehead - when mom peeks in to check if you're asleep at night and leaves again prettycooltim
  • 6
    Forehead - "Me: *crying in fear* My dad: Stop being a baby. It's more scared of you than you are of it. The giant spider on my wall: I'll kill you.
  • 7
    Photograph - MJ ... @MjsWurld 6 year old me in front of "where's the ocean?" the TV:
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  • 8
    Shorts - softie.selfcare a softieselfcare ... turning off the kitchen lights at night and hauling ass until you safely made it to your bed
  • 9
    Musical instrument - getting your hair brushed by your parent as a child every morning before school until you could do it yourself
  • 10
    Leg - Pete ... @UrBuggiin Nobody: 8 year old me:
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  • 11
    Sleeve - Roz @RozzaCampos *starts showing signs of illness* Мy mum:
  • 12
    Product - Necation ... @cisdapp "the pacer test will start in 30 seconds"
  • 13
    Furniture - drianat @stfuvienbbn Some childhood pleasures have no explanation
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  • 14
    Photograph - 11 Years Old Me After Jumping from 4 Stairs in Front of my Cousins:
  • 15
    Cat - me to friend's mom - thanks for letting me come over her - dont worry, this is your home too me -
  • 16
    Photograph - 6 year old me after watering the plants with the leftover water in my bottle -
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  • 17
    Building - Who remembers the "temporary" buildings at school that were up for decades?
  • 18
    Plant - Me as a kid at a friend's birthday party when my mom said it was time to go home:
  • 19
    Vehicle - Arqui @iamarqui me as a kid thinking the moon following my dumb ass. KEF


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