I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

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    "Found this little girl with a bite mark..."


    "Found this little girl with a bite mark across her chest and leg and barely able to walk. Took her to the vet, got her cleaned up, and now she's making a full recovery. Everyone say hi to Swirly, she hasn't stopped purring since I brought her home."

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    "He was found in the street crying..."


    "He was found in the street crying... no sign of his mom or other kittens nearby...i think he is 4wks old (the vet wasn't available until tues. So I'll know then)...guess I have a new family member... meet Dunkin everyone!!!"

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    "My cat doesn’t have to speak in order to tell me that I’m a total loser."

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    "Daughter convinced me to get a cat. Somehow ended up with siblings!"

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    "After months of fighting Hepatic Lipidosis, Odis has finally recovered"

    Cat - HELLO ODIS
  • 6

    "Stella's face when I come home smelling like KITTENS!"

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    "My pretty and polite little lady"

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    "This is Ella my wife friends cat. We are currently at her place for dinner. Ain't she a Beauty."

  • 9

    "Rescued this little dude today. Some guy hitting cats with a broom, was gunna kick his ass if he didn't give me the cat.. He is safe now"

    Hand - II
  • 10

    "Took this awkward photo of my cat while cleaning out the patio"

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    "Meet Venom, we rescued him, found him on the side of a dead end road, he’s safe and happy now"

  • 12

    "My roommate’s cat has been chilling with us on the porch all spring"

  • 13

    "Today; my boyfriend rescued this little guy..."


    "Today; my boyfriend rescued this little guy. He being attacked by somebody off thier head on drugs. Welcome Home Archer. I promise you never will another human hurt you."

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    "rescued this kitty from work...only to find out that she had 5 little bonus surprises. she's such a good mama for being so young"

  • 15

    "3 cats plus 33 roses for our anniversary requires a giant glass box to protect them all."

  • 16

    "11 years old but still giving off strong kitten vibes."

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  • 17

    "Got my first cat!"

    Cat - ST Stena Lin
  • 18

    "Who will win this staring contest?"

  • 19

    "Our SPCA rescue. She was deemed a "problem" cat. She's been nothing but a sweetheart to us. This is her regular face."

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  • 20

    "Detective Mittens is just the cutest little smoosh"

  • 21

    "This is Smudge"

  • 22

    "I think this might be the “I’m sorry for clawing you” face. I think she really misses her old owner & she’s not sure about me just yet."

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  • 23

    "19 years old and she still got it"


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