Woman Neglects To Tell Close Friend That She Used To Sleep With Her Husband

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    Font - r/AmltheAsshole u/LingLing88888 · 5h 3 1 AITA for not disclosing my sex life to the bride when I was a part of her wedding party?

    It was Reddit user u/LingLing88888 who asked the 'Am I The A-Hole' community if she was in the wrong for not telling her friend about her 'sex life' even though she was a part of her wedding party. We'll be the first to say that this title is hella misleading.

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    Hair - My friend "Abby" is beside herself and is having a meltdown over something that happened over 7 years ago, while we were in college.

    She dives right into the story. She explains that her friend, "Abby," is freaking out over something that happened over 7 years ago. Well, if you read the title you already know what the minor 'thing' is. Let's move on anyway.

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    Smile - For whatever reason, Abby's husband of 3 years decided to mention to her that back in college, he and I had a brief, non-committal physical friendship when I was in between relationships.
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    Font - The bootie calls lasted all of several months and when it was over, it was over. And I had specifically requested that he keep the knowledge of our bootie calls to himself (as I did with all my bootie calls). All of this happened before Abby started dating him (after college) and like I said, ancient history.
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    Font - Abby is furious that I would keep this from her, especially since I was in her wedding party. I get that she might have been uncomfortable with having me as a bridesmaid had I been actively hooking up with her then-fiancé. But as I said, it was ancient history and predated their relationship.
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    Font - I'm just really baffled by the etiquette around this situation. 282 150 ↑, Share
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    Font - madelinegumbo · 5h Supreme Court Just-ass [123] ΥΤΑ . "For whatever reason" Abby's husband has decided to be honest with his future wife about his sexual history with a member of the wedding party. Unless you just arrived on planet Earth, you get why some people would care about that, even if you honestly don't . G Reply 1 518 3 + ...
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    Rectangle - KAWO13010• 5h Colo-rectal Surgeon [33] If you were good enough friends with her to be in her wedding, why did you keep it from her? G Reply 138 3 ...
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    Font - phoenixjade01• 5h To be fair her husband should have told her from the start G Reply 1 161 3 ...
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    Font - FoxUniCarKilo • 5h Partassipant [1] Who are you friends with? Abby or her husband? ETA: YTA. If she was actually your friend you would have disclosed this information when they got together. It's disturbing and deceptive that neither of you did and she has every right to be angry. G Reply 1 700 3 ...
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    Font - Fit_Distribution_922•5h YTA, You flat out admit to deliberately trying to hide it from her, likely because you knew she wouldn't want you around if she knew the truth. The fact that someone her partner screwed, has lied and manipulated to be a part of their lives is absolutely her business. Odds are if she had known the truth she would not have associated you, or been willing to marry her husband knowing he still associated with you, judging from her reaction. G Reply 1 221 3 ...
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    Rectangle - Own_Leg_1658 · 4h YTA. If I was the bride I would probably cut you out of my life. "Friends" don't do shit like that. G Reply 1 20 3 ...
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    Rectangle - Clueless-Crab · 3h YTA 100% and Abby should whoop at least two asses in this situation. Shitty friend to say the very least 6 Reply ...
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    Font - 3lnaRow • 5h Asshole Aficionado [16] YTA. Husband is also TA. If you were a bridesmaid, then she confided in you about their relationship. You having a sexual one-on-one relationship with him should have been disclosed. You lying to her by never telling her, tarnishes all the years she thought you two were close, but really separated by a lie. You hooked up for a few months? Seriously. That's an open relationship, but it's definitely a relationship!! G Reply 1 88 3 ...

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