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Singing Caturday Hymns With Some Purrfect Cat Memes

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    Glasses - All day he stares at the the fish a

    Why can we not stop laughing at this? This cat is just... us. We are this cat. This is us standing outside of a pastry shop, wanting desperately, almost drooling, and yet knowing that we shouldn't. Our heart goes out to this little fluffball. We hope he received some snacks after this torture. 

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    Product - Big fan of this picture of a veterinarian showing a cat how fat he is. D.T

    Gotta educate them before gettin' them on a diet. This preparation is necessary. This vet is trying to minimize our suffering later in the future, because he's aware that the second you give a cat an ounce less than what it's used to with food, there will be screaming. We should be thankful for this education and be prepared for screaming anyway. 

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    Brown - can't blame cats for hating water
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    Cat - Me: "drinks water" My organs:
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    Cat - You're hired Now clean up my mess
  • 6
    Outerwear - I've seen my future
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    Cat - Friends: We are planning a trip, wanna join? Me :I really wish I could, but my cat is not feeling well. Maybe next time My cat : @INTROVERTQUIRKS Again? Seriously?!
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    Cat - When someone says you look nice and it makes you feel nice.
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    Cat - There was one last piece of sausage on my plate aND MY CAT SNATCHED IT OUT OF MY HAND U SAUSAG THIEF
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    Bengal tiger - when you're way overqualified for the job: 02 FREE KITTEN
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    Cat - no thoughts brain scrampled egg imgflip.com
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    Cat - Humans: *sleeping* Cat: should I throW up or scream?
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    Vertebrate - 3. This new animal breed: hazycapitalist Oh my god is this a cat or a sheep? m86 a shat beanstalkofsins Dont call it that please jennamoreci A shitten.
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    Product - Rob N Roll @thegallowboob he just wants to help 12:01 PM · 6/7/21 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Cat - That time I tried to face swap with Peanut
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    Hand - Find someone who looks at you like this little potato looks at it's hooman.
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    Eyelash - I was trying to hide from this cat y'all. EGO
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    Cat - aliah @aliahgeyes this is how lil kids cough OldasCreatures
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    Cat - Michael's Cat @michaelscat2 Rosie is a sterile cat. I found a kitten on the street for her to adopt. This was her reaction

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